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Why some people succeed, and some don’t



Many people see building a successful  business as a catch 22 situation. The want to succeed, but know there are certain demands that are required in order to do so. Right away, they rebel. They’re defeated from the very start. The result – These people will not succeed. Is this you? I sure as hell hope not!

Others know the demands of building a business, but approach them with a different attitude. They literally talk to their business and say, “Come on, sucker! I can take anything you throw at me! Give it your best shot and I’ll throw it back!” Is this you? I sure as hell hope so! Click to Read More

Only one industry today can make you a self-made millionaire



In the old days, it was the oil tycoons and real estate geniuses who became self-made millionaires. But don’t go into the oil or real estate business. Those industries are all but dead, as far a new entries are concerned. The old money is still enjoying the glory of those good old days. Fortunately, there’s a new (well, maybe not so new) industry that has already created many self-made millionaires, and billionaires, and will continue to create many, many more. Click to Read More

Success is like going to HELL and back. This will get you back.


If this can’t motivate you to be successful, nothing will

successThis may be the most important article you ever read. Read it once. Read it again and again. Print it and tape it to your bathroom mirror so you can read it every day. If you do this, YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL.

To be successful, you have to want it very bad. Successful people have been to hell and back. For those who want success, and really want it, these 9 facts will make you feel like you’re on your way back from hell.

Some of these facts are very tough and challenging. But successful people had to go through the same thing. Anything worth having has a price to pay, and I’m not talking about money.

After you read this, you will be motivated like you’ve never been before. And you will be on your way to success.
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The shocking little secrets of success – and earning 6 figures a year



One shocking little secret of success is that you’re going to strike out more times than you hit a home run. I know from experience. I’ve started at least 20 big projects this year and some of them have been a struggle. I don’t give up on them. Giving up is not a part of my agenda, and never will be.

Millionaires have the same problems you have. They don’t give up. That’s why they’re millionaires. The difference is, they know the secrets of success. Click to Read More

Don’t look for new ideas. Solve problems and ideas will come.


ideas-solve-problemsThere are thousands and thousands of ideas out there in space. Some have never before been thought of. Some will make some ambitious people millions of dollars in the future. But don’t stop everything you’re doing and search for them. You may get lucky. But I can tell you from personal experience that this can be very frustrating.

Don’t thing about ideas. Think about problems.

Solving a problem always leads to a new idea. Click to Read More

How Whining, Bitching and Complaining can make you money


whiningBeing around someone who is constantly whining, bitching and complaining can be very annoying. You just want to tell this person, “PLEASE, JUST SHUT THE  F#@%  UP !” But hold on! Before you say something you may regret later, you need to know the person who is whining, and the reason.

4 types of whining, bitching and complaining

Being a constant complainer can be good or bad. It depends on the person doing it, the reason, and the intentions. Here are the four types of people who whine, bitch and complain. Click to Read More


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