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Money for you and your business


6 Ideas to make Your Small Business more Profitable



If you are like millions of people, trying to make a profit running a small business, you know it is not easy to do, unless you know what you are doing. The problem with most small business owners is, they are just thinking about surviving. If you own a small business, don’t just think about this. You’re in business to be as successful as you can possibly be, and not to just make a living.

Here are 6 Ideas to make Your Small Business more Profitable.

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How to increase Customer Satisfaction & Customer Loyalty




Remember: Your customer is your paycheck.

If there are no customers, there’s nobody to pay you or your business. By taking this approach every time you communicate with a customer, you can build up your customer service very fast.

Customer satisfaction comes first in any business. Develop this attitude, and you’ll reduce product returns, prevent buyer remorse, and increase customer loyalty.

There are 5 ways to increase Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty

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How you can make a comfortable living selling on Amazon



If you’re young, a teenager or in your early twenties, I think it’s wonderful that you’re exploring this amazing business model at such as early age. Amazon is not going anywhere. It will be around for a very long time.

I also don’t know whether or not you’ve had any e-commerce experience. It doesn’t matter. You can use this business model, and still make a very good living selling on Amazon, with no previous experience.

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9 ways to make a fortune selling products online


When you sell online, your goal is to make the lives of your customers better than before they purchased your product. Your product(s) can be tangible, something people can feel and touch. They can also be intangible, something people can’t touch, but will make them better than they were before. This is a service.

Whether physical or not, tangible or not, they’re all products.

The number one reason for selling products is to solve a problem for the person buying from you. With this being said, there are actually ten ways to make a fortune selling products. You have just been introduced to the first, and most important way. Try to make your customer’s life better than it was before.

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5 Common Financial Emergencies That Can Appear Without Warning

Financial emergencies-fi

Financial emergenciesCountless events in life are unplanned. While some of them, such as the birth of a child, may be joyous miracles, others can leave you in heaps of trouble.

Some emergencies can be so grave that they can leave you financially crippled for years. You may struggle to pay back what you owe.

Let’s examine five common emergencies that can appear without warning, and what you can do to minimize how much they influence your finances. Continue reading


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