Viral Marketing – Watch the Super Bowl, with your laptop, and capitalize like the big guns.



Super Bowl Sunday is the advertiser’s dream. They will make shit loads of money during that three and a half hours we now know as Super Bowl 50. Why shouldn’t you? It’s time to warm up and get ready for some serious Viral Marketing. Continue reading

New section added to, for your success


money-tip-of-the-dayThe reason I started, five years ago, is because I didn’t think the other websites on making money online were helping people, with a few exceptions. They’re all about people sitting around the table, drinking coffee, and just talking, talking and talking. But they’re more committed to their own success than to yours. Not us. We’re different and we want to help you. Continue reading

Trick with HTML header tags to maximize SEO and get more search traffic



SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an important topic that many bloggers will tell you about, but won’t give you enough information to help you. Instead, they want you to contact them and let them do it for you, and they’ll charge you as much as $16.67 a minute. You can hire them to maximize your website and be in the hole before getting started, or learn as much as you can by trial and error, if you can. Piss on them! This is where I’m different. I know that many are struggling to build get their websites established. I have no secrets and am not afraid of competition like so many cowards out there. I’ll show you everything I know. I’m now going to show you a simple trick to maximize your SEO and your search engine traffic that will get you more search traffic, and make Google love you. Continue reading

Ads in your sidebar – 13 reasons they screw up your blog



Ads in your sidebar – Should they be considered the eighth deadly sin? I wouldn’t go this far, but they could be deadly to your website if you’re a new blogger. I’ve already given you the first reason. All ads, banner and text, screw up your blog. If you’re struggling to make your online business a success, and asking yourself WHY, you’ll have many answers to your questions after reading this. You’ll know how to make money online, and how to create a website that your visitors will love, and you’ll be proud to call your own. Continue reading

Monetize your website and amazingly save a life. Don’t try to sell the product. Let it sell itself.

Monetize Your Website

One of the most effective ways to monetize your website is to describe how you successfully accomplished something, and include links that helped you do this. Here’s one way someone monetized his website, and at the same time, saved many lives.
Monetize Your Website Continue reading

Get ready to monetize your website – TELL readers something useful, then SELL like HELL

Monetize your Website

The easiest thing to do is Monetize your Website. It’s all based on one solid principle – TELL and SELL. Using your knowledge and expertise, TELL people things that will help them, make their lives better and add value to their lives. You don’t even need to sell them. This will take care of itself.

Monetize your Website

Monetize your website means: TELL and SELL like HELL! Continue reading

Update on Quick Cash System – Sarah Markel is gone and Larry is here

Quick Cash System

A little over a year ago, I published three articles on the Quick Cash System by Sarah Markel, exposing the system. I posted this very intense video on YouTube, and the response was overwhelming.

Continue reading

Find the most amazing content you’ve ever seen. It’s right before your eyes, and you didn’t even know it.


contentI love blogging, especially when I can find good content. It’s the most exciting business you can ever imagine. You learn new things every day from the content you can post. And there’s a ton of it that’s never been published, right in front of you. Get ready to have your mind blown, because I’m going to show you where you can get content like you’ve never seen it before. Continue reading

Need Money? Use other people’s money. Don’t underestimate the power of Leverage.

Other People's Money - Leverage

Use Other People’s Money to Grow Your Business

Other People's Money - LeverageWhen I took Managerial Finance in college, the chapter on Leverage confused me. Three years after graduating, John, my professor, called me to see how things were going. He asked, “Did I teach you anything that was helpful?” I said, “You taught me many helpful things, but I never understood Financial Leverage. We’re not in the classroom now. Can you explain it in layman terms?”

He explained it in three words – Other People’s Money (OPM). Then I asked, “Why didn’t you tell me then?” John had a sense of humor, and went on to say, “You’re supposed to use leverage to get rich. If I’d told you then, you wouldn’t have been able to handle it. But I think you can handle it now.” Here’s how Leverage can grow your business and make you rich. Continue reading

Never toss your junk mail in the trash. Shred-it, or you can lose everything.



I don’t mind getting junk emails, because no one else sees them, and they can be deleted with one click. But I do mind getting certain kinds of junk mail delivered to my mailbox. It costs me a lot of time. I have to go through them, look at each piece individually and shred them. This is very annoying, but it has to be done. I take precaution and there’s a reason. Continue reading


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