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To post KICK BUTT content, there are 3 words you must never use

How to create Kick Butt Content

I’ll get right to the point. To create KICK BUT(T) content, never use the following words:

IF . . . . . BUT . . . . . HOWEVER

These words will make readers question whether or not a blogger knows that he’s talking about. Here’s why.

4 reasons you must never use the words IfBut and However in your content

Readers will think you are unstable. Your readers rely on your expertise. The statements you write in your content are authoritative. Stand by them with confidence.

Let me show you an example. Suppose you have an online marketing website, and you make an authoritative statement by writing, “Posting to Facebook 10 times a day will get you massive traffic.” That’s it. Well done! You’ve made your point. Don’t qualify it by adding, “. . . ,but, you have to post in the right places.” All of a sudden, your readers will think, “Oh no! There’s a catch to this!

Kick butt content has no catches. It’s factual, authoritative, meaty and juicy, from beginning to end.

Using the word, but, immediately after a brilliant statement will confuse readers. They’ll think, “This guy seemed to know what he’s talking about. Now, he’s contradicting himself.” Using this tiny word will convince readers that you didn’t believe in what you originally said. Right away, your credibility has taken a major hit. You don’t want this to happen.

A better statement would have been, “Posting in the right places on Facebook will get you massive traffic.” Do you see the difference? This guy knows what he’s talking about. He’s sure of himself, He doesn’t have to qualify what he said, in order to get affirmation that he is an authority. Structuring your content this way will let readers know you’re an expert. They remember little things like this. They appreciate it. The only way they express their appreciation is, coming back to your website for more. That’s the best kind of gratitude you can get.

Readers won’t take you seriously. This is very crucial when you use the word If.

A successful blogger who creates Kick Butt content is an expert. He’s reaching out to you to help you, and give you valuable advice.

Never tell your readers, “If you follow my advice, great things will happen for you.” Right away, they’ll get the feeling of false security. The reader will think all kinds of negative things about you, and your website.

Does this guy really want to help me?

What’s this ‘if’ stuff? 

I was going to follow his advice. Now, I’m having second thoughts.

This guy doesn’t seem very confident about what he’s telling me.

Does he really care that I follow his advice?

You’re not blogging for your health. You’re doing it to give good advice. You want to help people. It’s important that they follow your advice. Let your readers know how important to you this is.

Does the successful blogger expect people to follow his advice? You’d better believe he does.

Every time you create content to help people, assume they’re going to do exactly what you recommend. Never say, “If you follow my advice, . .” Readers will feel like you don’t care. This defeats the purpose. A blogger with this attitude is out of touch with one of the most important reasons for blogging – helping others with something they don’t know about.

Readers are led in another direction. Writing a blog post is an art. The words have to flow. A well-written article must come together with one heart beat.

This applies to the words but and however.

Blog about facts you know about. Stay on point. Never be unsure about what you’re telling your readers.

You’re in the process of creating a beautiful piece of content. Readers are interested, and they know where you’re going with it. Then, you insert one of the two bad words I just mentioned. Suddenly, readers become thoroughly confused. They will say to themselves,

What’s he talking about now?

Is he going in another direction?

Now what?

He’s lost me all of a sudden.

Simple words like but and however will lose the interest of your readers so fast, it will make your head spin. This won’t get you put in cyber jail. The result is much worse. Readers will click the back button. You don’t want this to happen.

Readers will think you’re lying. Readers don’t like liars. They don’t like being lied to. A bad blogger will tell readers that something is a fact, without knowing for sure whether it’s true or not. Bloggers doing this are just as bad as liars. They tell you what they think is true, just to save face.

Bloggers who write something they believe is true will insert a but or however, just to cover their but(t). Their first thought is, “Well, I’m not really sure about this, so I think I’ll qualify this, just in case I’m wrong.” My best advice to these people is, don’t create content unless you know the material is right, on point, and accurate.

This also applies to opinions. When expressing your opinion on something, be sure about what you believe. It’s your opinion. This makes it authoritative. Never qualify  your opinion. Readers will really see through you. They’ll know it’s your opinion, and will think, “Now, this guy doesn’t trust himself.

Finally, when a blogger has to cover his butt by inserting one of these bad words, readers will not act on the information because they don’t trust him. Don’t do this. You’ll lose the confidence of your readers. They’ll never come back. You don’t want this to happen.

Closing thoughts

I must admit that I’ve been guilty of using these bad words in the past. Yesterday, around 4:00PM, I had a revelation. I don’t intend to use these words again, and I don’t want you using them.

Finally, don’t let this take away from the importance of writing good headlines. Having a catching headline is just as important as ever. It gets visitors in the door. They will read your content.

This is why I created this article. The content they read must be kick butt content. The headline will get visitors to the content. The content will get visitors back to your website, again and again. You do want this to happen.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing it to you. I want to help as many future successful bloggers as possible. For this reason, I am asking you to share this with your friends on Social Media. Between the two of us, we can help many people achieve their goals.

Remember, Sharing is Caring.

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