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21 Ways to Increase Page Rank

Page rank in a website is the measure of two factors, importance and popularity.

If your website is important, it contains content that will help the readers better themselves, and improve their quality of life. If it is popular, readers will enjoy reading your content, and will undoubtedly return to your web site again and […]

Build Your Own Website – One Thing to Remember

If you decide to go into internet marketing, and have a website, you have two choices. First, you can out source it and pay someone to build your web site for you. Secondly, you can make your own website.

Many people who build their own web site seem to overlook one element, and it is […]

What to Do if You Have Nothing to Blog About

Many times, writers have dry spells. It happens to the best of them. There are times when the creative juices are flowing to their maximum level. Yet, there are other times when a writer cannot even think of the first word to write. As a blogger, this has probably happened to you many times. If […]

There are Two Good Alternatives to AWeber for Your Email Marketing

AWeber is excellent software for email marketing. In fact, it is probably the best in the business. If you are a beginner in internet marketing, and creating a mailing list, you can use AWeber for the first month at the cost of $1. After that, the monthly cost is $19, for up to 500 names […]

Do You Have A Blog That Solves Problems For Your Readers?

If the answer to this question is NO, stop right now!

Don’t blog just to make money, or to make a name for yourself. If that is your purpose, then just forget blogging altogether. You are not going to succeed. Anyone can start a blog. But not everyone can create and maintain a first class, […]