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My Weekend With An Expert

Well, I must say that this was an interesting weekend. My wife, Ronee, and I invited her cousin, Melody and her family to visit with us on Saturday. Our guests were, Melody, her little boy, Cass, and her fiance, Gregory. He had some very interesting ideas that he was willing to share with me.


Dropshipping on Ebay is Not Very Effective

You probably know what dropshipping means. Just in case you do not, let me briefly describe it to you. You simply market an item of merchandise that you found online. When your customer purchases from you, you order the item, and the merchant ships the item to your customer. To make a profit, you have […]

With Internet Marketing, You Have The Whole World At Your Fingertips

Think about it. Right in front of you are two very small pieces of equipment. One is a keyboard, and the other is a mouse. These are the only two things you will have to touch. All you have to do is touch them with your fingertips. You can touch them any hour of the […]

Google and Clickbank – Not That Crazy About Each Other

I have received numerous emails asking the following question, “What is AdWords’s policy about Clickbank affiliate links in their ads?”

Well, I finally got the correct answer to this question. It came from a very reliable source – a Google AdWords support member. The correct answer is, according to the Google spokesperson, it is not […]

9 Things That Will Destroy Your Business

When you run an online business, the most important thing you must remember is, it is your business. You are supposed to operate it the way you think is the best way. This not only applies to online business. This applies to any kind of business.

There are 9 things that will destroy your business. […]

Ebay – Good Way To Make Money When Starting Out

Ebay is a good way to make money if you are starting out in internet marketing. It is also an excellent program to test a particular market niche. The payment process is the best, because it is supported by PayPal. We published a previous article confirming that PayPal is the best Online Merchant Account. On […]

Spam Comments – How To Deal With Them

For some strange reason, three of my websites have been unusually flooded with spam comments during the last thirty six hours. This site has been getting its share of spam. Also, two other websites, and, have also been flooded. Last night, I checked my email, and received over a thousand comments for these […]

The Key to Success, Think Of Yourself As The Best

What I am about to emphasize relates to any profession that you pursue. If you want to be successful, in any profession, make your own success story. Always:


Think of Yourself as the Best.

I an not implying that you have to be cocky, arrogant or conceited. There is a huge difference between being […]

Selling Digital Products Online Is No Longer The Thing To Do

When selling online, you have to come up with the right product, or products to market. By this, I mean you have to offer products that are practical.

I have purchased and previewed many digital products, mostly from Clickbank. In my opinion, most of the products offered on Clickbank are fairly good products. However, they […]