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Sometimes It Is Hard To Stay Focused In Internet Marketing

Back in February, 2013, I posted an article on how to Stay Focused in Your Online Business. More often than not, this seems like a monumental task. But it is not. You may be making it one.


Be Careful In Dealing With Some People On Ebay

As you are in the process of building your internet marketing business, selling products on eBay is an excellent way to generate some kind of cash flow while you are waiting for better things to kick in. Unfortunately, not everyone on eBay is pleasant to do business with. In fact, there are plenty of scam […]

Take A Day Off From Internet Marketing, And See The Whole Picture

If you are trying to build your internet marketing business, you are probably like most people. Many claim that they work 18 hours a day, and have nothing to show for it. All they can think about, every minute of the day, is sitting down to their computer. They do this, day in and day […]

When You Get Blogging Ideas, What Then?

Don’t Waste Excitement ! This Especially Applies To Blogging.

When do you get most of your good ideas for a blog post? If you are like me, you get them when you are away from your computer. I get my best blogging ideas while I am mowing the lawn, taking a shower, playing golf and […]

The Big “C” – Craigslist

Of course, there is another Big “C”. It is Clickbank. But, I don’t feel like talking about Clickbank today. I’d much rather talk about Craigslist.

Some people who do business over the internet don’t seem to think very much of Craigslist. I have read many horror stories over the past week. Naturally, I investigated them, […]

Is Google The IRS Of The Internet – Not Quite

If you own a business, the only entity you have to please, besides yourself, is the IRS. If your business is an online business, it seems like you also have to please Google. Many people have this hang-up about operating an online business. The first question they ask themselves is, “Will this be OK with […]

7 On Page SEO Methods That Will Increase Your Traffic

To Get Your Blog Ranked With On Page SEO, Just Follow 7 Simple Steps

No question about it. Google loves blogs. Google also loves WordPress, the best and most popular blogging platform in existence. Now, you want to maximize your Search Engine Optimization. Therefore, if you are blogging, and are using WordPress, you are already […]