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Content, Monetize and Backlinks – 1 2 3

That’s all there is to it. 1 2 3, in a nutshell. To be successful in internet marketing, all you have to do is three things. Do these three things, make them work for you, and do them again, and again and again. The more you do them, the more successful you will be. It’s […]

The Best and Easiest Way to Backup WordPress

If your WordPress site is attacked by a hacker, you are in very serious trouble if you don’t have a backup. All of your work in posting articles on your blog will be lost. The only way you can get it back is to just start all over, and re-post every article. This is impossible. […]

Why is Guest Posting So Important?

When you blog, you are part of a large community. You are interacting with other professionals in your field. Your blog is one small part of all of the valuable information in your expertise and your niche. There is no better way for bloggers to bring together an abundance of knowledge than through guest posting. […]

Social Media Is Where It’s At

While Search Engine Optimization is important, and always will be, there are two other areas where you must concentrate your efforts:

Social Media Optimization Social Media Strategy

Things have certainly changed in recent years on the World Wide Web. In the old days, people logged on to the internet to look for topics and various […]

How a Well-Known Entrepreneur Put the Customer First

A few years ago, I was watching late night TV. As always, I was punching the remote, and looking for something interesting to watch. Sometimes it is difficult to find something good after 11:00 PM. Fortunately, I came across something that was very informative. I decided to keep the television tuned in to this channel, […]

Instant Payday Network – Possibly a Scam, but I Doubt It

I came across a web site about three hours ago by the name of Instant Payday Network, and decided to research it more thoroughly.


First of all, I must say that the site offers an excellent presentation by the creator, Jeff Buchanan. Mr Buchanan claims that you can make money with his system at […]

Don’t Be Intimidated By Backlinks – They Are Easier To Get Than You Think

I could tell you how to get backlinks to your website, and just give you a lot of technical “how to” information. If you run a Google search on how to get backinks, you’ll find out right away that just about every one, and his brother, will tell you how to find backlinks. This topic […]

Commenting Will Get Website Traffic Through Backlinks, But There Is A Little More To It

In my previous article, Get Away From Your Website, And Get Website Traffic, I made it a point to stress that one way to get good backlinks to your website, and get website traffic is to comment on other high ranking websites. But, don’t just comment for the sake of commenting, just to get a […]

Get Away From Your Website, And Get Website Traffic

Did you know that successful internet marketers only spend twenty percent of their time on their own website, and eighty percent on other websites?

This is true. Consider the situation. If you spend all of your time writing good content, you may be defeating your purpose. I am not going to undermine good content. You […]