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Bookmarks – Back Them Up and Save A Lot of Time

BOOKMARKS – No Need to Re-enter Them

To many serious internet marketers and web surfers, the bookmarks that have been organized within the web browser are just as valuable as the data files. You have accumulated many bookmarks. Most likely, you have organized them in a format that makes your work, and your web browsing […]

FYI – Internet Marketing Tips You May Not Know

FYI – Internet Marketing Tips – There Are Thousands For this reason, we are adding a new section to our website – FYI.

FYI are three very powerful letters. Have you ever been in a situation in which you needed to do something, but didn’t know exactly how to do it? FYI, maybe you want […]

Web Browsers – Firefox or Chrome – Which is Better?

The choice between the two web browsers is a matter of personal preference. At one time, I used both web browsers. If I had to make a choice of which one I like better, it would be Google Chrome. I used to like Mozilla Firefox, but not any more. There is a a reason for […]

Blogging Material – Right Under Your Nose

I would be very surprised if you do not have a Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus account. If you have a Facebook account, surely you share content occasionally. Very seldom will you share content on Facebook, and not get any likes. And when you get likes, your content must be good. Now, take this to […]

Richard Sherman – HOT Topic for Website Traffic

What is the hottest topic of conversation today? Or, I should ask, Who is the hottest topic of conversation today? He is the one person who everyone suddenly wants to know more about, and read more about. If you are a blogger, and a website builder, get ready for a golden opportunity that will re-write […]

SEO – Leverage It – Let Someone Else Do The Work

In my last article on content, I indicated that it is possible to get so involved in SEO, that it takes away from your ability to produce good content. Content is the one important element that is going to make your website successful. SEO is the tool that is going to get you there. Having […]

Content – Good Content Makes a Difference in Page Rank

Forget SEO Details. Concentrate on Good Content.

If you browse the internet on how to get more traffic and increase your page rank, you will see the same thing over and over again.


The next time you see this, don’t just put it on the back burner. This is a true statement. […]

Blog Away, Create Value and Blow Your Readers Away

Have you ever wondered why your blog is not getting any traffic?

There are two reasons. First, your blog may leave a lot to be desired. Most bloggers don’t know how to blog. Everyone likes to post content that tell the readers “how to do this” and “how to do that” and “the 10 most, […]