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Every Successful Business Started With An Unusual Business Idea

Have you ever paid attention to what a successful business owner has done, and then ask yourself, “Why didn’t I do that?” He had an unusual business idea, and followed his instincts. You are not alone. You have ideas as well. It’s time for you to follow your instincts. The next time someone pays attention […]

If you don’t get traffic, you won’t make money

George Brown s Traffic Ultimatum […]

Don’t waste valuable website space

“Above the Fold”

If you are not familiar with this expression, let me explain it to you. Take a look at one of my websites,


The longer people stay on your website, the more money you make

You have to have more than one piece of content on your website. Otherwise, visitors will not stay, and you will leave a lot of money on the table. […]

Want FINANCIAL FREEDOM? Just learn 2 things.

Master TRAFFIC and CONVERSIONS and you are on your way to FINANCIAL FREEDOM. I can’t put it any simpler than this. […]

Know These Important Things Before Starting Your Adwords Campaign

Google Adwords is a very powerful advertising tool, but if you are just setting up Adwords for the first time, you need to do some research or hire a coach to avoid making some costly mistakes. Too often, folks who are new to Adwords walk away from it before they really know how to […]

Making money online requires just 2 things


We all tend to make this more difficult, But the fact is, Making Money Online is Very Simple. Once I simplify this for you, I want you to go out there and build your online business like you’ve never thought possible.