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6 Ideas to make Your Small Business more Profitable


Many people who own a small business miss the boat. They think about making a living and surviving. This is non-sense. You’re not in business to make a living. You’re in business to be as successful as you can possibly be. […]

How to increase Customer Satisfaction & Customer Loyalty


Remember: Your customer is your paycheck. If there are no customers, there’s nobody to pay you or your business. By taking this approach every time you communicate with a customer, you can build up your customer service very fast. Then, the customer loyalty will appear. […]

How to determine if your niche is profitable


Don’t waste your time in a niche that’s not going to make you any money. There’s a way you can determine if your niche is profitable enough. Just ask yourself 5 questions, and you will know.

5 questions that will tell you if your niche is profitable […]

How you can make a comfortable living selling on Amazon


This model will show you how to build your Amazon business online, and make a comfortable living selling on Amazon, with no previous experience in eCommerce. Get the basics, and the rest is common sense. […]

9 ways to make a fortune selling products online


When you sell online, your goal is to make the lives of your customers better than before they purchased your product. Your product(s) can be tangible, something people can feel and touch. They can also be intangible, something people can’t touch, but will make them better than they were before. This is a service.


7 Creative, Unusual & Brilliant Ideas to Save Money


Saving money is not easy. It can be a challenge. You can force yourself to save money. But there are easier ways that are creative, unusual and brilliant. […]