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Monetize your website and amazingly save a life. Don’t try to sell the product. Let it sell itself.

Monetize Your Website

One of the most effective ways to monetize your website is to describe how you successfully accomplished something, and include links that helped you do this. Here’s one way someone monetized his website, and at the same time, saved many lives.


Get ready to monetize your website – TELL readers something useful, then SELL like HELL

Monetize your Website

The easiest thing to do is Monetize your Website. It’s all based on one solid principle – TELL and SELL. Using your knowledge and expertise, TELL people things that will help them, make their lives better and add value to their lives. You don’t even need to sell them. This will take care of itself.


Update on Quick Cash System – Sarah Markel is gone and Larry is here

Quick Cash System

A little over a year ago, I published three articles on the Quick Cash System by Sarah Markel, exposing the system. I posted this very intense video on YouTube, and the response was overwhelming.


Find the most amazing content you’ve ever seen. It’s right before your eyes, and you didn’t even know it.


I love blogging, especially when I can find good content. It’s the most exciting business you can ever imagine. You learn new things every day from the content you can post. And there’s a ton of it that’s never been published, right in front of you. Get ready to have your mind blown, because I’m […]

Need Money? Use other people’s money. Don’t underestimate the power of Leverage.

Other People's Money - Leverage

Use Other People’s Money to Grow Your Business

When I took Managerial Finance in college, the chapter on Leverage confused me. Three years after graduating, John, my professor, called me to see how things were going. He asked, “Did I teach you anything that was helpful?” I said, “You taught me many helpful things, but […]

Never toss your junk mail in the trash. Shred-it, or you can lose everything.


I don’t mind getting junk emails, because no one else sees them, and they can be deleted with one click. But I do mind getting certain kinds of junk mail delivered to my mailbox. It costs me a lot of time. I have to go through them, look at each piece individually and shred […]

Craigslist-Great for exposure, but a scammer’s paradise. Here’s what one tried to do to me.


I’ve made a lot of money over the years selling on Craigslist. But there’s also a down side. I’ve had many people try to scam me. All they did was try. Scam me? It’ll never happen. Hopefully after reading this, it’ll never happen to you.


Overcome past setbacks and move forward in a positive, successful way


I prefer to use the word setback instead of failure. In my vocabulary, the latter word doesn’t exist.

A setback is nothing but a bump in the road. There’s a right way and a wrong way to deal with this.

Think of it as a positive experience, learn from it, and don’t make the same […]

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5 ways to increase traffic to your website that will blow your mind

5 ways to get traffic to your website

Ask 100 people about how to increase traffic to your website, and 99 will tell you the same old ways you’re bored to death with. One person will tell you something different. I’m that one person. Call me a non-conformist or a revolutionary, but the fact remains, I’m not going to tell you how […]