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Don’t believe anything you see about HitLeap


If you use HitLeap, and want to set up multiple HitLeap accounts, don’t waste your time. In spite of what you’ve read or seen on YouTube, it can’t be done. This will save you a lot of time. […]

Website traffic that will do more harm than good


Your website must have website traffic to survive. But certain kinds of website traffic will hurt you instead of help you. Your traffic must have substance. […]

Simple technicality that’s losing you conversions and sales

Conversions and sales

Conversions and sales is the end result you want from the visitors to your website.

Don’t assume your visitors know how to navigate on a website. If someone sees that your content is running off the monitor screen, they’ll just click away and go somewhere else. Many people who visit your website are not computer […]

Beware of IRS scams, especially this time of the year


IRS scams are a dime a dozen. If you get a threatening telephone call from someone claiming to be with the IRS, hang up immediately. It’s not the IRS, I promise you.


Do You Think You Need an Online Merchant Account? Surprise!


If you think you need an online merchant account for your online business, I have some very good news for you. Most likely, you don’t need one at all. You have the best system right at your fingertips, and it will save you a tremendous amount of money.

Talk to your banker about an online […]

Don’t let the IRS catch you by surprise. Do tax planning during the year.


If you make money, you will owe some of it to the IRS. It’s good to make the money, but not so good to give some of it to the IRS. But that’s the law, and that’s the way it is.

Unfortunately, many people who make good money in their business during the year tend […]

Buying quality products will save money in the long run

Quality Products

A car or house is a major purchase, and very big purchases. There are other major purchases you make, but much smaller. Products you don’t buy every day are considered major purchases.


How to Copyright anything you create at no cost to you


Simple way to copyright your work

Anytime you create something that’s original, and yours alone, such as a blog post, all you have to do is post the following notice:

Copyright © 2016, [YOUR NAME, or YOUR COMPANY NAME]

When you do this, you’re attesting to the fact that this work belongs to […]

Viral Marketing – Watch the Super Bowl, with your laptop, and capitalize like the big guns.


Super Bowl Sunday is the advertiser’s dream. They will make shit loads of money during that three and a half hours we now know as Super Bowl 50. Why shouldn’t you? It’s time for warm up and get ready for some serious Viral Marketing. […]

Customers spend money, more than you think. As an affiliate, use this to your advantage


Do customers spend money? Let’s consider this.

Some affiliate programs pay a commission rate as high as 50 to 75 percent. There are others, for products, that only pay a rate of about 8 percent. Is there any point in selling affiliate products? You know you’re not going to make any money unless your customers […]