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Having a Mortgage to reduce income taxes is just plain BS


A Mortgage on your home should be taken out for one reason only – If you don’t have the money to pay cash for your home.

As a practicing CPA for 30 years, many of my clients were very wealthy business people, who could afford to pay cash for a home. However, I advised them […]

Identity theft and the value of your personal identity

Identity Theft

Identity theft is more of a risk today than it ever was.

Your personal identity is the most undervalued asset you own. There are people out there constantly trying to steal your identity, and the identity of others. There are ways to protent your identity.

Protect yourself from identity theft

Online media may seem free, […]

Cash Flow, and 7 Ideas on How to Improve it [Infographics]

Cash Flow

Businesses fail because owners don’t fully understand cash flow. The same is true for your household’s personal financial statement. What is cash flow? How does it apply to you? How can you improve your cash flow?

These are the three questions that are about to be answered for you.

What is Cash Flow?

Simply stated, […]