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7 things you must do for Successful Social Media marketing


Successful marketing is all about finding the people you’re trying to reach. Once you find them, you must hang out with them, get to know them and more important, let them get to know you. This is the heart and soul of social media marketing.

Now that you know who and where the people are, here are 7 things you must do to reach them. and make your social media marketing a success.

1. Know your purpose for reaching people on social media

Set your intention. Why do you want to reach these people? Why are you marketing at all?

Set your goal and/or, goals. This needs to be specifically defined and clarified. If you post on social media just to be doing it, it’s so easy to get lost. Don’t post quantity. Post quality. Have clear intentions and goals.

2. Define your target audience

On social media, where you go to hang out with people, you have to know who you want to hang out with. Know your audience. More important, know who your audience is.

For example, if your niche is weight loss, don’t hang out with people who are interested in gourmet food. This defeats your purpose.

3. Choose only 1 social media platform

Set up other platforms on as many social media platforms as you can. Get ready to post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, StumbleUpon, etc. Eventually, you’ll need them all.

When starting and creating your marketing campaign, focus your energy in one platform. Once you have an established plan working for you, shift you focus on another platform.

Which platform should you choose at the beginning of each campaign? This depends on your target audience in number 2 above. This is where your target market hangs out.

For example if you’re targeting women, you may want to begin your campaign by focusing on Pinterest.

4. Create your content in batches

This has to do with managing your time in the most productive way

Have a session where you are brainstorming ideas that you want to post on social media. Once your creative juices begin flowing, and you know what you want to post, create it. Create as much content as you can.

What kind of content will be valuable for the people on social media? Video and images are the best. They connect with people more than written content.

5. Post or schedule your content

Monday is a good day to do nothing but create content. Get your content created first. Once you get it created, post it, or schedule it to post the next morning. 9 AM is a good time. Many people love to browse the web about 30 minutes after getting to work, especially those who work in an office.

6. Interact with people on social media

Now that you have your content posted, spend Tuesday through Thursday doing nothing but posting to social media. You need to post multiple times a day. Posting content on social media one time, and hoping for successful results doesn’t work. But posting 6 to 8 times a day is a different thing altogether. This will work. Set up a schedule for yourself to do this, and make sure this works for you and stick with it.

Posting is just half the task. Remember, social media is a 2 way conversation. When you get a new follower, contact them, engage with them, and get to know them. There’s a demand for more personal connections. Learning to do this effectively will give you an advantage that very few take into consideration.

7. Repeat Steps 4 through 6

It’s very important that you do this until you can shift your focus to another social media platform.

Remember steps 4 through 6: Batch (come up with content), post content, interact with people. Continue doing the whole cycle over again until you feel confident you can move on to another social media platform.

Those are the 7 steps. Do steps 1 through 3 now. If you can’t come up with content, schedule a time for brainstorming, so you can get rolling and start your social media marketing plan.

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