14 things to do that will get you AAA Credit Rating in 30 Days

credit-repairIn a previous article, I showed you 12 reasons you should never use a Credit Repair Agency. Now, I’m going to show you 14 things to do that will establish AAA Credit Rating in 30 Days. Many people who have experienced credit problems are familiar with these actions. The problem is, not everyone knows how to use them. Once you learn how to do these things, repairing your credit will be the easiest thing you have even done in your life.

If you have credit problems, PLEASE read this article entirely. You are going to be pleasantly surprised at what you discover.

Repair your Credit to AAA Rating

To get your Credit Rating to AAA in 30 Days, these are the things you need to do.

Establish relationships with the Credit Reporting Agencies

Credit Reporting Agencies are entirely different from Credit Repair Agencies. They don’t repair credit. They monitor credit for everyone who has ever obtained credit. These are the people who have your complete credit reports. There is a way to establish a good working relationship with these agencies, which is very important if you want to restore your Credit Rating to AAA.

repairing-your-credit-is-easy-to-doWork and deal with the Credit Reporting Agencies

Establishing a good working relationship with these agencies is the first step towards getting your Credit Rating restored to the way it originally was. There are ways to get these people to work with you, that are unfamiliar to many people who believe their credit is beyond hope.

Get Positive Information on your Credit Report

By now, you have established relationships with the Credit Reporting Agencies and they are willing to work with you. It’s now time to get items to show up on your Credit Report that will work for you, instead of against you.

Know beforehand what lenders will see on your Credit Report

Once you get into the comfort of working with Credit Reporting Agencies, you’ll always have your most recent credit reports. This will give let you know, right away, your chances of getting credit before you even approach a lender. Again, this is something you will be able to do yourself.

Make lenders want to Lend you the Money

This may seem far-fetched, but it’s true. Do a little ground work, and you will have lenders literally begging you to let them give you a loan. It makes no difference what your Credit Rating was when you started. Remember, you are now in the process of cleaning it up – PERMANENTLY!

Remove damaging information from your Credit Report

Just as you can get positive information to show up on your Credit Report, you can also remove negative information from it. The process is really simple, especially is you know exactly how to do it.

Find incorrect information that should’t be on your Credit Report

Credit Reports are not accurate. Just about every Credit Report has damaging information that should not even be there. There are easy ways to have these false and damaging items removed from your report right away.


Clean up your Credit Report

Once you learn how to get positive information added, and negative information removed, your credit report will be cleaned up immediately. Next, you need to add additional positive information to your Credit Report.

Stop Creditors from calling you

You don’t have to be rude to them, There is a very tactful and professional way to get creditors to stop calling you. Once you get this burden off your back, then you can concentrate on the bigger picture, which is, getting AAA Credit restored.

Establish good relationships with Bankers and Lenders

Now that you’ve cleaned up your credit report, you must build confidence with the people who will be lending you money in the future. You’ll need them, because you now want to add more positive information that will make your Credit Rating even better.

Apply for a Credit Card

By now, you should have no problem applying for a Credit Card, and getting approved. To build AAA Credit, you need more Credit. This may come as no surprise to most people. There are ways to get any credit card you want, no matter how your credit rating was in the not-so-recent past.

Improve your Cash Flow

Credit and cash have everything to do with each other. Improving your cash flow will assure you that you will be able to build your Credit Rating, and get it to where you want it to be. There are ways to improve your Cash Flow without using your own money.

Don’t be in a hurry to pay your bills

Your only concern is that you pay your bills by the due date. That’s all any creditor or lender expects from you. You’ll find out why it be more harmful to your credit by paying bills ahead of time.

Stay away from Credit Scammers

When it comes to your Credit Rating, don’t trust anyone but yourself. When I recommended that you stay away from the Credit Repair Agencies, there was a reason.. These Credit Scammers will not help your Credit Rating. They will destroy it.

Repair Your Credit Yourself

It’s very easy to perform all of the actions listed above. However, you must know two things. First, you must how to do them, and second, you must know how to begin the process.

All of the items listed are what a Credit Counselor will supposedly do for you. If you know how to do them yourself, you don’t need the Credit Counselor. Remember, he does not know any more about credit than you will know. But the Credit Counselor is not going to move so fast. He will drag this process out for as long as a year. At a minimum of $69 per month, plus any up-front payment the Credit Counselor may require, you could easily be well over a thousand dollars in the hole. And the worse part is, your credit will not be repaired until the Credit Counselor does his part.



You’ll definitely want to repair your credit yourself. Credit Repair Kits are available, but not without limitation. Most are very expensive. Many have hidden charges. Some are lures to get you to enter into a contract with a Credit Counselor, and they only tell you about one tenth of what you need to know.

Over the years, I provided financial planning and credit counseling for thousands of clients. I’ve compiled every thing I know about repairing your credit in an easy to follow format, Charlie’s Credit Remedy. This not only shows you how to do the things you need to do to get your credit repaired. It also takes you directly to the places you need to go in order to perform such action as, Establishing Relationships with Credit Reporting Agencies, Updating your Credit Report, and others. Watch the Video for Charlies Credit Remedy. It explains everything.

I promise you, there is nothing else you will need. If you have this, you will know exactly how to get AAA Credit Rating in 30 Days. And let me make something perfectly clear. Charlie’s Credit Remedy is not going to put you $69 in the hole. If you’re experiencing credit problems, I know that money is a major concern for you. I have taken this into consideration. You’ll discover this very shortly. But I’m going to offer you more.

24 / 7 Unlimited Support

When I was a practicing CPA, one of the services I rendered was financial planning and credit counseling. My billing rate was $125 an hour. But this is not what you’re going to pay us. You’re not going to pay us another cent. Once you get Charlie’s Credit Remedy, that’s it, My Friend. There’s nothing else you will be asked to purchase, and there’s nothing else you will need. Between our system, and our 24/7 online support, you will have everything you need to repair you own credit yourself.

You will also have all of the information you need to start your own Credit Repair Company, if that is what you want to do. Who knows? Maybe you can start your own business, and give the industry a much better reputation.

With Charlie’s Credit Remedy, we are offering unlimited lifetime support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have any questions or problems, we will resolve them for you within 24 hours. This is not a paid subscription service. This is available as long as you have our credit repair system. It will NOT cost you another penny.

Please, let us help you. If you don’t get AAA Credit Rating after we work with you, then it’s just not meant to be. But this, My Friend, is not going to happen. We’re going to help you restore your credit the way it should be – GRADE A, and we’re also going to help you to keep it that way, from now on.



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