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6 things that will make your affiliate marketing business kick butt

Affiliate MarketingIn affiliate marketing, knowing the right way to manage your affiliate links makes all the difference in the world to the success of your online business.

During the last two months, I’ve used these principles in my affiliate marketing business. The results are, more profits than ever before. Let’s see if I can help you do the same in your business.

Success in affiliate marketing has everything to do with common sense

If you want to build an affiliate marketing business that will kick some butt, know what links to post, and, how, when and where to post them. Don’t sign up for every affiliate program available, with the idea that, the more you have to offer, the better your business will be. This is what the beginner will do. Quality is the key, not quantity. Posting affiliate links just to get the numbers will get you no where.

To operate a successful affiliate marketing business, have a plan, a strategy. Next, use this strategy as you post your affiliate links.

How you post affiliate links is simply a matter of using a little common sense.

6 things that will make your affiliate marketing business more profitable

Follow these 6 guidelines, and watch your affiliate marketing business grow practically overnight.

1. Don’t post affiliate links in the sidebar

Generally, I’m against posting ads in the sidebar. There are two exceptions. If your site is an e-commerce website (selling products), this will work well for you. Second, if you’re an established blogger, with a website that has a high market value, it’s very appropriate. Your links have to be seen by all of your visitors. Posting links in the content will make them more noticeable, and those who surf the internet from their smart phones will see your links. Sidebars are not seen from a smart phone. This will cause you to lose customers.

2. Always read the landing page before posting your link

Not doing so is a huge mistake. Posting a link, because you like the company or the category, often leads your visitor to a bad landing page. Before posting any affiliate link, read the landing page, and ask yourself, “Is this something that catches my attention?

3. Review your links three times a week

Don’t post affiliate links, forget about them, and hope you’ll get lucky two months later. Your links must be as current as your content. Products get hot for a short time, then lose their popularity. Affiliate programs put an expiration date on their links, after which, they are useless.

4. Let the links flow with the content

If you’re very knowledgeable on a subject, share your valuable information with your readers. When they read your article, they’ll have a very good idea of the products they’d like to buy. Don’t lose them. If you want to increase your customers, include the product links in your content so they’ll see them, at the time when their mouths are watering. Sell your knowledge, not the products. If your readers believe in you, the products will sell.

5. Always post related affiliate links

If you have a blog on weight loss, don’t post affiliate links for pet supplies, electronics, women’s handbags, etc. This is where the common sense comes in. These ads have nothing to do with weight loss, and you’ll be lucky to get one or two sales. You have your market targeted. Don’t let them get away. Go after them. Post links related to weight loss, low-fat foods and fitness equipment, and you’ll get more sales.

6. Manage your affiliate marketing business like a pro

Don’t sign up for every affiliate program out there, just because, it’s there. You only need three affiliate programs: CJ Affiliate, Rakuten Marketing, and the Grand Daddy of them all, Amazon. There are others, but these are the best. By the way, sign-up to each is free.

Decide what links you will post, and where you will post them. CJ Affiliate, formerly Commission Junction, is the best for posting individual products within your content. Watch their tutorial videos, and you will be impressed. Rakuten Marketing, formerly LinkShare, has very well-known merchants, such as, Best Buy, Haynes, PetSmart, WalMart, Macy’s and others. Their banner ads for general merchandise are very good. For the best results, post them just below the header, above the fold, because that’s where they are easily seen. However, Rakuten is a little weak in individual products. For this reason, I very seldom use their links in my content. Finally, there’s Amazon, the best of both worlds. Their banner ads are excellent. Also, Amazon is very strong when it comes to posting links to individual products. With the right tools and plugins, you can post thirty products to your website in less than ten minutes.


While I mentioned three very good affiliate marketing companies, there’s one I didn’t mentioned. Don’t underestimate the power of Clickbank. Many people frown when they hear the word. However, they’re still around and going strong. They must have done something right.

Running a successful affiliate marketing business is not hard, but has to be done with precision. Once you figure out what links to post, and, how, when and where to post them, your affiliate marketing business will sky rocket.

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