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Blogging: How to Start Your Blog

bloggingNow that you are familiar with the importance of blogging, I am going to present you with some things that you must take into consideration so you will know how to start your blog. There are three things you must do to start blogging, and we are going to cover them right now.

Get Your Own Domain Name

You can always take the easy way, and set up your blog with Google Blogger. You can also set up a free web site using any of the free free web site builders, such as, Squidoo, Weebly, Yola, and several others. However, when you start out, you want to get your own domain. This will show that you are serious about blogging. Getting your own domain name makes you look much more professional. Your readers will also sense this, and they will take you more seriously if you have your own domain name and web site. Now, there is nothing wrong with the free web site services mentioned above. I still recommend that you use them, but only after you have established your own web site. They can be used as links and feeders to your main web site. Setting up your own web site costs very little. Some servers are as low as $5 per month. The one I would recommend is  HostGator. Don’t worry about the cost. The income you can generate from your blog will more than take care of the cost.

Setting Up Your Blog – How to Install WordPress

Become familiar with WordPress. It is the best software for building a web site, and it is free. Besides being a great web site builder, it is a personal blog publishing program. It is easy to use, fast and adaptable to any situation. It comes with a great set of tools and features that are intended to make your experience as a blogger and web site publisher as enjoyable as possible.

With WordPress you can easily:

  • Publish and edit articles and blog posts;
  • Sort articles and blog posts into categories;
  • Search within your blog and web site content;
  • Manage access of the users of your blog;
  • Change the way your web site looks by changing the themes;
  • and much more.

To install WordPress, simply log in to the cPanel of your web site hosting service. You will see a WordPress installation icon. Just Click on it, follow the on-screen instructions, and WordPress will be installed in a matter of minutes. The rest is self-explanatory. It is very user friendly. If you have any problems, go to the WordPress discussion forum, or you can contact us by commenting below, and we will answer your questions immediately.

Update the Blog Often – Like Every Day

You don’t want to create two blog posts and just leave it there. This is a dead blog. It’s like opening a business in the middle of the desert. If you can’t update your blog every day, my recommendation is that you don’t start blogging until you can.

Know Your Readers

A blog cannot exist without your readers. Blogging is like a one-on-one conversation between you and your readers. As you begin to establish a relationship with your readers, and they establish one with you, you will gain more trust and confidence. Then and only then will you be able to think about monetizing your blog. And this will not take you a long time to do.

Join us again in a few days and I will begin to present you with some valuable tools on How to Build your Blog.


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