Before you start blogging, know that you’re a winner and not a loser

bloggingYou now know from my previous article how important a blog is to your businessBlogging is critical. It’s the life blood of your business. Without a blog, you won’t make money. When you start blogging, the right way, you will make money.

Before you decide whether you’re a good blogger, allow me to help you make the decision. Are you good at talking to people? I can answer this. Of course you’re good at this, because you do it every day. Think of all the times you’ve been in a conversation with more than one person, and talked about something that caught their interest. I’m sure you’ve won people over many times. How? Because you’re a winner. You’re not a loser. People listening to a loser wouldn’t give him the time of day. In your conversations with people, they didn’t give you the brush off. They listened to you with open arms.

Now, you have what it takes to be a successful blogger. Instead of talking to people in person, do it on your website. It’s time to start blogging like a winner, and I’m going to show you how easy this is to do.

How to start blogging like a winner

I’m going to cut through the bull and give you the answer right now. Decide you’re a winner! Know you’re a winner! That’s all there is to it. The rest is a piece of cake. Let me show you.

Do you know the difference between a winner and a loser? You can tell by what each will say.

  • The winner will say what he will do to accomplish his goals, and just do it.
  • The loser will say what he might do to accomplish his goals (provided he has any) and then sFit on his butt for 6 months. “I’ll do it someday.” “I’ll do it when I get around to it.” “Yeah, that sounds great.

Being a winner is much easier. You decide you’re going to do it, and you do it, no questions asked. He doesn’t even have to think about.

Being a loser is more complex. He does have to think about it. That someday will never come. He can find over 100 excuses for not doing it.

What is there to think about?

See how easy it is to be a winner? It’s much harder to be a loser.

You are a winner. There is no reason to put this off. Get started blogging RIGHT NOW. This is the cornerstone to your success. Don’t forget to read the stories about the successful bloggers who made millions.

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