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How to build a million dollar blog website very fast

Some say you need a lot of content to build a successful blog. Some say you don’t. Who do you believe? You believe me, because I’m not going to tell you something unless I’ve tried it, and it has worked for me.


Here’s how you build a million dollar blog

I’m not going to waste time going into detail here about how blogging can make you an online multi-millionaire. I wrote an article about this in January, and I recommend you read it after you finish reading this. Your time is too valuable, so let’s get down to business.

How to get ideas

websiteYou don’t have to go out and get ideas. If you’re trying to build your blog website, you’ll think about getting ideas all the time. You’ll get ideas while watching TV, mowing the lawn, walking the dog, and while doing anything. During Thursday’s game between the Warriors and the Cavaliers, over 20 ideas came into my head. When Stephen Curry threw his mouthpiece at a fan, an idea came to me, and I had a field day with it.

Sometimes, you’ll get an idea from one sentence in an article you’re reading. If you use it, you can go in a different direction from the article. Within each article you read, or video you watch, there are at least 50 great and unique ideas.

Don’t worry about getting ideas. They’ll come to you. You’ll get some very unique ideas. But you do need to worry about what you’ll do with them. You may just sit on them, which is not good. Chances are, you’ll forget them. If so, they are gone forever. But we’re going to prevent this from happening, right now.

Write down every idea that comes into your mind

There are two things that never leave my side, unless I’m taking a shower. One is my smart phone, and the other is a pen and pad.

Get a pen and pad, and don’t go anywhere without it. When you get an idea, any idea, write it down immediately. If it’s bad, write it down anyway. You can sort it out later. You don’t have to write a paragraph. Just a few key words will remind you of the idea. It takes about 10 seconds to write down an idea.


You may think you can use the voice recorder on your smart phone, but this is a mistake. If you’re paperless, your smart phone is cluttered with data. Start writing things down, and you’ll know where to find them in two seconds. If you record them, it’ll take you over thirty minutes to find one. Remember, I said your time is valuable.

At the end of the day, you should have two pages filled with juicy ideas that can be transformed into some very rich content. With the ideas I get every day, I can easily post over a hundred articles.

Fire up your website and start posting

When you first come up with ideas, you are excited because you know you have some good content. When you write it down, and see it again later, that excitement is re-born. Now, post some content that’s going to knock ’em dead,

Change the ideas into good content, and get it posted as fast as you can. Don’t get too hung up about SEO. This will slow you down and mess you up. Some of the most successful websites have terrible SEO. This doesn’t matter. You’re writing for people, not search engines.

Start getting at least 20 to 30 articles posted each day, with good content, and you’ll quickly see an increase in your traffic.

Very important concluding thoughts

If you read the article I wrote in January, you see that the all time richest bloggers never intended to make a dime.

There are many gratifying things in this world. And one of them is, building something of great value from scratch. To do this, you’ve got to have some passion. Build a winning blog. Have some fun. Enjoy yourself.

Follow the steps above exactly, and do exactly what I’ve said. You’ll not only see traffic coming your way. Pretty soon, you’ll have people sending you emails, asking you to let them advertise on your website. After all, if you have a website that generates tons and tons of traffic, who wouldn’t want to advertise on it?


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