Can a 16 year old make money online? YOU BET

Here are the 6 best websites that anyone can use to make money online, even a 16 year old.

Tallenge – Earth’s Largest Talent Platform


Tallenge has international online contests for many popular categories such as music, dance, film-making and art. The prize money ranges from $500 to $10,000.This is an excellent way to make money at what you’re good at, and what you love doing best. Every visitor is placed on the judge’s chair.

The Insiders Guide to Travel | Buggl


With Buggl, you can make money simply by sharing your travel knowledge and the travel experiences you’ve had. Here, you can create beautiful, unique travel guides that you can sell on your own website and share on Social Media. Share your knowledge and make money at the same time.




If you have a PayPal account, which is free to set up, you can set up a Footrr account. Then, send your regular emails that you send every day, start posting in forums, and you will start getting paid. It’s not a whole lot of money, but it is good spending money.

Online Courses – Anytime, Anywhere | Udemy

udemyIf you are an expert in something, create a course about it and sell it on Udemy. They have a comprehensive list of courses ranging from design, marketing, lifestyle, language, music and personal development.

Get everything you need starting at $5 –



Fiverr is an international marketplace where you can sell any good or service for $5. The advertisements you create are known as gigs. The site is primarily for freelancers, but some of the most bazaar goods and services are offered on this site. Once your account is established, you can reach a higher seller level. Then you can offer additional goods or services for each gig, in which case, you could earn up to $4,500 per gig.




Bubblews is a platform where you can create content that allows you to make money from your posts. It combines the traditional social media model with unconventional leadership. Users can express their opinions, meet individuals from around the world, and be paid for their contributions to the network.


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