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Money for You and Your Business - CharlesMoney

Who and what are you blogging for? These are 2 million dollar question.


These million dollar questions are sadly overlooked by bloggers.

When most bloggers submit a blog post on their site, chances are, they never think of the people who they want to reach, and the people who they want to read their content. This is the key element in blogging. Not knowing the answers to […]

Blog with passion, get tons of visitors to your website and the money will come


Are you in business to make money? Of course you are. Even though this is your purpose for being in business, put the money on the back burner for a short while. Instead, concentrate on what you have to do to make the money.

Never start a blog with only money on your mind. You […]

Before you start blogging, know that you’re a winner and not a loser


You now know from my previous article how important a blog is to your business. Blogging is critical. It’s the life blood of your business. Without a blog, you won’t make money. When you start blogging, the right way, you will make money.

Before you decide whether you’re a good blogger, allow me to help […]

When you have a Website without a BLOG, your goose is cooked


Fact number 1: 40 % of US Companies use a blog for marketing purposes. Fact number 2: Web sites that blog have 55% more visitors. Fact number 3: Companies that blog get 88% more leads than those that don’t. Fact number 4: The richest and most successful people in online marketing made their money only […]

How to build a million dollar blog website very fast


If you have a website that generates tons and tons of traffic, who wouldn’t want to advertise on it? I’m going to show you what to do to get there. […]

How to create killer content that’ll knock ’em dead!


I’d like to say to each of the 7.4 billion people on the planet, “I don’t want all the people in the world to visit my website. Just You!” This sounds extraordinary, but that’s what killer content will do – defy the extraordinary. I refuse to say you’re not going to get 7.4 billion visitors […]

How to get millions to read your content, in just minutes


You post great content. Then, you check the stats on your website. You see that only about 50 people have visited your site. This is so frustrating. You ask, “Where did I go wrong?”

Not enough people know about it. But we’re going to correct this now, and make sure you reach millions of […]

Re-read your old blog posts, get new ideas, make them better and benefit

Old Blog Posts

When you blog, there are two things you must do. First, create the best content you can possibly create. Second, monetize your post.

Let’s focus on content. Without good content, there’s no point in monetizing. Sometimes, you struggle for ideas to create content. In other words, the well runs dry. This happens occasionally, and that’s […]

Read you own blog posts sometime. You might learn something


Have you ever kept a journal? […]

Whatever stirs emotion in you, write it down, and blog about it – Blogging stirs emotions

Blogging Stirs Emotions

I was watching the news yesterday, and saw something that really pissed me off. It was about Alabama Supreme Court Justice, Roy Moore. I don’t like this self-righteous idiot anyway, but I’m not going into any details here. A friend, who was watching the news with me, decided to write a blog post about […]