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Why Conglomerates are so Important if you want a successful business


Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket

Whoever first came up with this expression was very wise, no doubt. He or she probably had some insight about running a successful business. This very old saying is the basic principle of Diversification and Conglomerate. Spread it out. Keep things separated. The advantage is, when […]

8 things the most successful people do every day


Successful people know what they want to accomplish, and where they are going. More importantly, they know exactly what they have to do to get there. They have developed good habits. If you want to be one of these successful people, develop the following habits, and you will find yourself doing them every day, […]

Why some people succeed, and some don’t


People who succeed know what they want and go after it. People who don’t succeed only go after excuses and hope they’ll succeed by a miracle. Won’t happen. […]

Only one industry today can make you a self-made millionaire


To be a self-made millionaire in the old days, oil and real estate were the way to go. Those two industries are now dead. A new industry has replaced them. […]

Success is like going to HELL and back. This will get you back.


If you’ve achieved success, you have been to hell and back. If you’re striving for success, this will make you feel like you’re on your way back from hell. […]

The shocking little secrets of success – and earning 6 figures a year


If you think you’re having problems building your business, remember, many successful people have the same problems. But they know the secrets of success. […]

Don’t look for new ideas. Solve problems and ideas will come.


The purpose of a successful business is to solve problems. Don’t look for ideas. Look for problems, and the ideas will come rolling in very fast. […]

Success in Business means, you only have to be right ONCE!


Success in business is much different than in other areas, like baseball and basketball. Business success is easy. You only have to be right once. […]

Do You Think You Need an Online Merchant Account? Surprise!


If you think you need an online merchant account for your online business, I have some very good news for you. Most likely, you don’t need one at all. You have the best system right at your fingertips, and it will save you a tremendous amount of money.

Talk to your banker about an online […]

How to Copyright anything you create at no cost to you


Simple way to copyright your work

Anytime you create something that’s original, and yours alone, such as a blog post, all you have to do is post the following notice:

Copyright © 2016, [YOUR NAME, or YOUR COMPANY NAME]

When you do this, you’re attesting to the fact that this work belongs to […]