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Buying quality products will save money in the long run

Quality Products

A car or house is a major purchase, and very big purchases. There are other major purchases you make, but much smaller. Products you don’t buy every day are considered major purchases.


Customers spend money, more than you think. As an affiliate, use this to your advantage


Do customers spend money? Let’s consider this.

Some affiliate programs pay a commission rate as high as 50 to 75 percent. There are others, for products, that only pay a rate of about 8 percent. Is there any point in selling affiliate products? You know you’re not going to make any money unless your customers […]

Most profitable business you can start with less than $1 thousand

Most Profitable Business

There are many businesses you can start with $1 thousand or less. It all depends on your skills and what you want to do. Opportunities are everywhere.

To build the most profitable business, there are two requirements that you must consider. First, you’re going to serve the public, and provide them the products and/or information […]

Make a fortune posting affiliate links on Twitter, without a website


If you learn the right way to use Twitter, and an Amazon Affiliate Account, you can make a fortune posting affiliate links to Twitter, without a website. I’m going to show you exactly how to do it. […]

How to determine if your niche is profitable


Don’t waste your time in a niche that’s not going to make you any money. There’s a way you can determine if your niche is profitable enough. Just ask yourself 5 questions, and you will know.

5 questions that will tell you if your niche is profitable […]

How you can make a comfortable living selling on Amazon


This model will show you how to build your Amazon business online, and make a comfortable living selling on Amazon, with no previous experience in eCommerce. Get the basics, and the rest is common sense. […]

9 ways to make a fortune selling products online


When you sell online, your goal is to make the lives of your customers better than before they purchased your product. Your product(s) can be tangible, something people can feel and touch. They can also be intangible, something people can’t touch, but will make them better than they were before. This is a service.


How to make money with your old Music CD’s


There is a smart way to make money on all of your CD’s, and still be able to listen to the fine music every day from now on. It will also make life easier. […]

The magic key that makes people want to buy from you


If you haven’t found the secret, you need to read on. […]

Selling on – 2 cons, but 1 pro that’s important

Making a lot of money selling on is possible, but is very hard to do. The chances of getting rich selling on are very unlikely. There are ways to do it. However, the amount of time you’d have to put in could be much better spent on more efficient and profitable campaigns.

On […]