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Identity theft and the value of your personal identity

Identity Theft

Identity theft is more of a risk today than it ever was.

Your personal identity is the most undervalued asset you own. There are people out there constantly trying to steal your identity, and the identity of others. There are ways to protent your identity.

Protect yourself from identity theft

Online media may seem free, […]

Why some people succeed, and some don’t


People who succeed know what they want and go after it. People who don’t succeed only go after excuses and hope they’ll succeed by a miracle. Won’t happen. […]

Success is like going to HELL and back. This will get you back.


If you’ve achieved success, you have been to hell and back. If you’re striving for success, this will make you feel like you’re on your way back from hell. […]

The shocking little secrets of success – and earning 6 figures a year


If you think you’re having problems building your business, remember, many successful people have the same problems. But they know the secrets of success. […]

Don’t look for new ideas. Solve problems and ideas will come.


The purpose of a successful business is to solve problems. Don’t look for ideas. Look for problems, and the ideas will come rolling in very fast. […]

Success in Business means, you only have to be right ONCE!


Success in business is much different than in other areas, like baseball and basketball. Business success is easy. You only have to be right once. […]

How Whining, Bitching and Complaining can make you money


Whining is annoying if you are around someone who constantly whines, bitches and complains. Depending on the person’s intentions, whining is a good thing. […]

If you win the Powerball Lottery, give it all to Charity, and you’ll make over $50 million a year

Powerball Lottery

You probably know there was no winner for the record breaking $949.8 million Powerball Lottery jackpot. The estimate for the Powerball Jackpot for January 13, 2016 is $1.3 billion.

Suppose you win $1.3 billion. What next? […]

How do billionaires see $100K or $1M? Is is still a lot of money to them?


At one time, I wondered this myself. After I graduated from college, I worked for an International Firm, with gross sales well into the multi-millions.

Amount of money always matters, even to a billionaire […]

46 ideas that will make you some Quick Cash, Immediately


I love crazy ideas. Many a millionaire started with a crazy idea. Take one of these ideas, go with it, and where do you think it could lead you? You’ll never know unless you try. […]