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A simple little money making tool that you must have on your website

money making tool-infinite scroll

This little money making tool is so simple that I’m surprised I didn’t think of it long ago. It will make your website much easier for your visitors, and the benefits you will gain are infinite.

No pun intended, but the money making tool is infinite scroll

You’re probably familiar with this tool, but don’t […]

12 Financial Topics parents should teach their teenage children


There are basic financial topics that are not covered in high schools. These are often lost in the challenge to get kids through high school and on to the real world.

High school graduation is a major event in the life of every young man or lady. It gives each a chance to say that […]

Never become a victim of the “Credit Card Trap”


Some people learn the hard way to NEVER abuse the privileges of having a credit card. Do it once, and you’ll do it again and again.

The high interest rate charged by credit card companies will break you. To make matters worse, the IRS doesn’t allow you to deduct personal credit […]

7 Money Tips for a much better 2017


New Year’s resolutions are very easy to make. The difficult part is keeping them.

The New Year’s resolutions that you may have made will have to do with your personal life, your professional life, or a combination of both. As you try to keep your resolutions, remember that you must maintain a balance between the […]

With the Mortgage Rates, you’ll never get back the interest you pay

Mortgage Rates

If you can pay for your house, DO IT

I told you in a previous article that a Mortgage is only for people who don’t have the money to pay cash for a house. Taking out a mortgage to save income tax, as I told you, is total B S. You’ll never get the taxes […]

Having a Mortgage to reduce income taxes is just plain BS


A Mortgage on your home should be taken out for one reason only – If you don’t have the money to pay cash for your home.

As a practicing CPA for 30 years, many of my clients were very wealthy business people, who could afford to pay cash for a home. However, I advised them […]

Cash Flow, and 7 Ideas on How to Improve it [Infographics]

Cash Flow

Businesses fail because owners don’t fully understand cash flow. The same is true for your household’s personal financial statement. What is cash flow? How does it apply to you? How can you improve your cash flow?

These are the three questions that are about to be answered for you.

What is Cash Flow?

Simply stated, […]

Beware of IRS scams, especially this time of the year


IRS scams are a dime a dozen. If you get a threatening telephone call from someone claiming to be with the IRS, hang up immediately. It’s not the IRS, I promise you.


Don’t let the IRS catch you by surprise. Do tax planning during the year.


If you make money, you will owe some of it to the IRS. It’s good to make the money, but not so good to give some of it to the IRS. But that’s the law, and that’s the way it is.

Unfortunately, many people who make good money in their business during the year tend […]

Successful people got that way because they spend money


Successful people spend money, and surround themselves with experts

Alabama head football coach Nick Saban had a problem two years ago. He would not win another championship unless he improved his offense. Being a defensive minded coach, Saban did not know enough about offense to pull this off. He went out and hired Lane Kiffin, […]