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7 things you must do for Successful Social Media marketing


Successful marketing is all about finding the people you’re trying to reach. Once you find them, you must hang out with them, get to know them and more important, let them get to know you. This is the heart and soul of social media marketing.

Now that you know who and where the people […]

Viral Marketing – Watch the Super Bowl, with your laptop, and capitalize like the big guns.


Super Bowl Sunday is the advertiser’s dream. They will make shit loads of money during that three and a half hours we now know as Super Bowl 50. Why shouldn’t you? It’s time for warm up and get ready for some serious Viral Marketing. […]

Craigslist-Great for exposure, but a scammer’s paradise. Here’s what one tried to do to me.


I’ve made a lot of money over the years selling on Craigslist. But there’s also a down side. I’ve had many people try to scam me. All they did was try. Scam me? It’ll never happen. Hopefully after reading this, it’ll never happen to you.


Want thousands of Twitter Followers? Tweet this Video


If you want thousands of Twitter Followers, or Instagram Followers? here is a simple video that you must Tweet and post. People will not be able to resist following you. […]

Expect to be followed back? Who the hell you think you are?


If you think you’ll get Twitter followers by just following other people, you’re going to be disappointed. People on Twitter want something in return. DO WHAT I SAY AND YOU’LL GET TONS OF TWITTER FOLLOWERS. […]

How to make people on Social Media love you in 4 easy steps


Post your content to your website, get away as fast as you can, and go where the people are. […]

Use Social Media Wisely, and it will Pay Off


When I first got hooked on Social Media, a long time ago, I thought I had stepped in a gold mine. But it didn’t take me long to realize that the gold was not there for me.

Don’t misunderstand me. The gold is definitely there. You have to find it and get it.

From a […]

Facebook Groups – Making friends is your business

This is how you find Facebook Groups. Find the right groups, make friends, and get ready to enjoy life, because you’ll do just that.


Be careful how you use Facebook

At one time, I was not a big fan of Facebook, as a marketing tool. For a span of five years, I’ve not had the success with Facebook that I was hoping for. I just placed it on the back burner, thinking that I would figure it out one day, when I least expected.

Well […]

Use Pinterest right and you will reap the rewards

I’ve already told you that Pinterest is a place where you can make a fortune. With all the women on this Social Media platform, who like to buy and spend money, you will be a winner if you do this the right way. I’m going to show you the right way and how to make […]