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Content is OK, but Promoted Content makes you see big money

Promote ContentI’ve proven, time and time again, that content will get you traffic. But is that traffic really worth anything to you?

Oh sure, you can reach millions of people on Social Media with one click. You may even get over a thousand people to visit your website on the day you post your content. But, where’s the money? What next?

Short cutting traffic is not the way to Promote Content

The thousands of people who write blog posts on getting traffic to a website all say the same things, over and over again:

  • Write good content
  • Post your content to Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Comment on other blogs in your niche
  • Submit your content to directories
  • Submit your content to search engines

Does this sound familiar? Sometimes, I think people who write these articles copy and paste them from other websites. And we all know, this is the recipe for disaster.

The traffic generation methods above are what people do when they publish content, because it’s all they know. Do this, and you’ll get a few hits. But these hits are not worth two cents, because they’re all you’re going to get. The people who visit your site are here today, and gone in about ten seconds.

If your website is averaging 50 hits a day, take a good look at your bounce rate in Google Analytics. I did this every day when I started, and it was pathetic.

Scraping the bottom of the barrel is no way to promote content. People do this for years, and then finally decide they’ve had enough. This is exactly why over 70 percent of websites fail.

What I’m going to show you in the remainder of this article, and the one that will be published in about a week from now is the secret sauce that makes the other 30 percent successful.

Don’t just post your content. Promote it.

Posting your content all over the web will never do you any harm. Unfortunately, it almost always does you no good. People see your website. Some will visit it, and that’s it – Show over! You might get lucky one time and make a sale, but don’t rely on this. Rely on something more solid.

Promote content, and you’ll be light years ahead of others

OK, we’ve ascertained that content, for the sake of content, gets you nowhere.

Stale content is something that may appeal to someone interested in your niche. But it has no meaning, no flavor, and no appeal to the thousands and thousands of others you want to attract.

The other people you want to reach aren’t interested in how to do something. They want to know the meaning behind doing something that will change their daily lives.

The internet is loaded with stale content. I demonstrated this above.

Want to know how to get traffic? Google it. The answers are a dime a dozen.

People don’t want to know procedures on how to get traffic. They want to how to apply these procedures effectively. This repetitive stale content might make twenty people happy, but the remaining folks will just pass you by. You can’t make money from so small a following.

And don’t forget about Google. They know what’s going on, which is exactly why many websites are dropped from the ranks every day. But promote your content the right way, and Google will be your best ally.

There are many things you must do to promote your content. But to begin with, you must work on creating content with a different twist.

Don’t just create content that you think will appeal to your readers. At this point, you may not have enough followers to make it worth while. Instead, think in terms of What is appealing to everyone within this niche. That’s a huge starting point.

As I’m writing this, I am also preparing another article that will show you exactly how to promote your content. It will be in about a week. In fact, it’s going to take me at least a week to write it. This will go into great detail, and will cover everything you need to know about promoting your content, You don’t want to miss this.

Until next time, here’s a small assignment

Again, I’ll say, “Google will be your best ally. Think of this as you do what I’m about to recommend.

What ever niche you’re in, or interested in, find out what kind of content appeals to people. You can do this by running Google searches. You’re not going to copy content. You’re only trying to find out what people are interested in.

You’re also trying to determine the right style and the right way to create content that people will not only read, but share with others.

By the time you read the up-coming article I am creating, you will know exactly what you have to do to establish yourself an an authority, not only in your niche, but in any niche you want to enter.

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