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How to Copyright anything you create at no cost to you

Simple way to copyright your work

copyrightAnytime you create something that’s original, and yours alone, such as a blog post, all you have to do is post the following notice:

Copyright © 2016, [YOUR NAME, or YOUR COMPANY NAME]

When you do this, you’re attesting to the fact that this work belongs to you, and you alone. This will protect your material from copyright infringement. That’s all there is to it. You are not required to register a copyright. But if you do want to register it, you can contact the US Copyright Office.

Play it safe and check for Plagiarism

If you’re a little uncomfortable doing this, there’s a way to verify that you’re the original creator of your content. There’s an online tool, Small SEO Tools, that has a plagiarism checker. This is a very valuable tool.

Poor Man’s Copyright

If you’re really unsure of your rights to protection, you can always do a poor man’s copyright. To do this, save the original work on a disk, put it in an envelope, mail it to yourself and don’t open it unless someone challenges you or tries to steal your work.

For more information on protecting yourself with a copyright, I recommend that you consult an attorney.

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