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Don’t believe anything you see about HitLeap

HitLeapFor the past week, I had some time to spare. I decided to do some research on a site by the name of HitLeap, a traffic exchange website. If you’re not familiar with this site, let me give you a very brief description. You sign up for a free account, submit 3 websites, and download a program called HitLeap Viewer, which sends tons of traffic to your website.

You can sign up for as many HitLeap accounts as you want, but the problem is, you can only have one HitLeap viewer running on your computer. People on YouTube swear you can run multiple HitLeap accounts on one computer, but don’t believe any of this nonsense.

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Running multiple HitLeap accounts on one computer is impossible

Numerous YouTube videos will explain step by step how you can do this. Many recommend a program called VirtualBox. This is an excellent program. It lets you use your computer to set up other computers within you computer. It’s good for testing websites and programs using the old Windows XP, Windows 2000, Linux and other operating systems, while your computer may be using Windows 10 as its operating system. But for running multiple HitLeap accounts, forget it. It can’t be done. It’s impossible.

Don’t waste your time trying to figure this out. You’re fighting a losing battle. Your time is better spent doing something more productive. By the same token, don’t waste your time with HitLeap or other traffic exchange websites. While they do send you traffic, it’s worthless traffic.

If you ever care to try VirtualBox, I highly recommend it. It’s definitely worth using, because you never know when you’ll need to test what you have on your system with other operating systems.

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