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As an Ebay Seller, Ebay Will Try to Bulldoze You – Don’t Let Them



Have you ever heard the expression, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? This is so true, especially if you are an Ebay Seller.

JUNK – No Such Thing if You’re an Ebay Seller

Occasionally, I will get my hands on someone’s junk, that they just want to get rid of. And why not? If you’re an Ebay seller, you can sell anything. You will be surprised what you can sell on this platform.

Three months ago, I collected two old vintage golf bags. They were worth nothing to the person who got rid of them. I couldn’t use them. Fortunately, someone from the Ebay marketplace had some use for them. I was able to sell them. I did not get as high a price as I would have liked, but considering it was all profit, I can’t complain.

If Your’re an Ebay Seller, Shipping Costs Can be Tricky

I listed the bags as auction listings, each with a starting price of $1. I sold one for an acceptable price. The other was sold at a price that was less than I expected. However, when listing the items, Ebay would not allow me to set the shipping costs at more that $22. When I shipped the bags, the shipping cost for each was $30. This was from the US Postal Service, and the absolute cheapest shipping price available. UPS wanted $60 each to ship them.

Ebay – Very Reasonable

To make a long story short, I immediately contacted Ebay about this, and informed them that I did not approve of this. To my surprise, I had no problem dealing with them on this matter. They just took the difference, which was $8 for each bag, and credited my Ebay fees a total amount of $16.

The point I am trying to get across is, Ebay will work with you on this. However, you will have to stay ahead of them at all times. If you don’t contact them about something with which you disagree, they cannot help you. If there is a disagreement, call them, tell them your problem. Most likely, they will resolve it to your satisfaction.

You can be successful as an Ebay seller. However, you must always know what is going on, and you must stay on top of every situation.

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