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Get ready to monetize your website – TELL readers something useful, then SELL like HELL

The easiest thing to do is Monetize your Website. It’s all based on one solid principle – TELL and SELL. Using your knowledge and expertise, TELL people things that will help them, make their lives better and add value to their lives. You don’t even need to sell them. This will take care of itself.

Monetize your Website

Monetize your website means: TELL and SELL like HELL!

Monetize your website – Part 1

This is the first in a series of many articles that will show you how to monetize your website. This will go for the next two weeks. At the end of this two week period, by February 9 to be exact, you’ll be able to monetize your website in your sleep and start making money.

Pay very close attention to what I’m going to show you during these next two weeks, because it’s very important, and will make all the difference in your success. Let’s get going now. There’s no time to waste.

Are you ready to monetize your website?

This is a no-brainer. The answer is yes. Let’s start with the basics. These will increase the chances that people will buy your products by at least 300 percent. Don’t take these five strategies I’m about to give you lightly. Use them correctly, and you’ll be very successful. There are 5 strategies for monetizing your website.

1. Create a large user base

Over and over I’ve stressed the importance of good content. I’ve shown you in previous articles how to get the best content, how to get millions to read it, and how to get the traffic, Now, it’s time to make this work pay off for you. You may not realize it, but you’re building a large user base. These are the people who believe in you, trust you and consider you an expert in your field. They love your content. Now, you’re going to offer them a little more that will make their lives better.

2. Consider yourself an online publisher, magazine and news site

I want to clear a misunderstanding that the new blogger has. You’re not creating content to list products and services to sale. This has never worked and never will. If you just list products, people will never buy from you. There’s no value in doing this. People want value. They want information. People want to be educated, informed, entertained and fulfilled when they come to your website. Listing products doesn’t do it. If they want products, they’ll go to Ebay or Amazon. These sites can do this and be successful, because everyone knows who they are. You’re going to give people something they can’t get from Ebay or Amazon. You’re going to give them, rich, exciting, enriching content. Your website must have life. It must have depth, life, blood, juices, and everything that all of us must have to sustain life.


You may be asking, “What does this have to do with monetizing my website and selling products?” My Friend, it has everything to do with it. For every piece of rich, worthy, exciting content that you can possibly publish, there are tons of products and services that relate, very directly, to this extraordinary content. We’ll be getting into this more and more as this proceeds. But consider looking at your website as if you’re a visitor, like I showed you in a previous article. I must give you the 5 important questions again, that make all the difference in the world in getting people excited about your website:

  • Does this website interest me?
  • Does this website excite me?
  • Are my emotions built up while I read through the content on this website?
  • Would I ever come back to this website to get more useful information?
  • Would I like to be the owner and creator of this website?

Now, I”m going to add one more question: Would I buy any products from this website?

Are you starting to see how this all comes together? Tell people something that’s going to change their lives for the better. If you do this right, the other important thing is going to happen – people will buy.

TELL, and then you’ll SELL like HELL.

3. Treat User Satisfaction more important than Revenue

Nothing turns your visitors off more than making them think you only want to sell them something. This might work in the short-term, but I doubt it will. We’re talking about long-term. If you just try to sell people, you might make a few sales. But looking at sales ads will get old to many people very fast. People want to know and learn things, and then use what they’ve learned to accomplish something and be much happier. They’re coming to your site to learn, and educate themselves, not to buy products. When they leave your website, you want them to feel good, and look forward to coming back to learn some more good things that’ll improve their lives. Help people. Make their visits to your site the cornerstone of their day. Make them

  • like you,
  • trust you,
  • have confidence in you,
  • confide in you,
  • want to come back to you,

and then, what will they do? They’ll

  • buy from you.

4. Know how sensitive your visitors are to ads

We’re talking about monetizing your website, so you have to have some ad links for products and/or services. No ad’s, no clicks, no conversions, and there are no sales. There is a way to put these links in your content, while you’re giving your visitors valuable information. Let me remind you, for every piece of content you can possibly publish, there will be tons of products that are very relevant to this content.

For example, suppose you’re a scratch golfer, and your website is all about improving your game. If you’re publishing an article on how to shoot in the 70’s every time, it will not turn off your reader if you say that you play golf with Callaway or Taylor Made golf clubs, and add a link to those products. To your reader, you’re an expert. If you show him the clubs that help you shoot in the 70’s and will improve his game, he’ll appreciate this, and most likely, buy from you.

5. Know the right way to include value added links to your content

I just showed you the right way to include links. It’s like this, in a nutshell. People read your blog to accomplish something they want, but don’t know how. Show them a product that did this for many people, yourself included, and they’ll never take offense to your adding a product link. You’re not trying to sell them. You’re merely telling them what works. They’ll appreciate this. To show their appreciation, they’ll buy from you.

Add your banner ads

By this time, people know you’re not trying to sell them, but you’re trying to help them. Therefore, banner ads will be in good taste, only if they are relevant to the content in your article. You can insert one or two, between paragraphs. At this point, people will appreciate this.

You can insert banner ads for affiliate products. You can even insert some for your own products. The only challenge to you here is knowing what products to promote, based on the relevancy of the ad.

Concluding thoughts

I’ve given you a mouthful of information, to say the least. These are the basics. It’s going to get even better from this point on. During this series of articles, we’re not necessarily going to say, “You need to do this . . You need to do that.” If you want to know this, you can do a Google search anytime. Instead, we’re going to show you real life situations where the methods for monetizing your website have been successful, and how they apply to what this is all about. My good friend, Cal Motta will have some things to show you. Another friend, Chester Marbrite, will also show you some techniques that have worked successfully for him. And Chester is not even an expert on blogging. He’s an authority on weight loss. He’s going to show you how he’s made money in this niche, which is one of the most profitable niches you can get into.

We’re doing this with one purpose – To help you monetize your website and make money.

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