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Go after women, and you’ll make a fortune


Women love to buy, and spend money. It’s time for you to capitalize on this. This is very easy to do, and I’m going to show just how easy it is. Do exactly what I am about to show you.

  • Set up affiliate accounts having to do with products that cater only to women. They are free to set up. Go to Amazon, Commission Junction and LinkShare and set up free affiliate accounts. With Amazon, you are good to go. With the other two, you have to set up individual accounts through their systems with the individual merchants, which is easy to do. Now you have the products to market.
  • Get into a niche that has to do with women only. This can be, Women’s Fashion, Women’s Handbags, or Weight Loss. You can even get into a niche that involves sexual wellness and sell adult sex toys and games. Women buy these products like crazy. There’s nothing illegal, immoral or distasteful with this niche. Otherwise, affiliates programs like Amazon would not carry such products. You just want to be an online success.
  • Create a new website. You can create a site for one niche, but that is not my recommendation. Instead, create a site that caters to everything that interests women. This way, you have everything covered.
  • Go to Pinterest, Polyvore, and Twitter and set up free accounts exclusively for your new website. Pinterest and Polyvore have over ninety percent women as members. Just go through the sites after you set up your accounts, and you can figure out how to use them in no time.
  • Start posting good content on your website. Also, start listing products from Amazon, and your other affiliates. Don’t just list products. This is the fastest way to get people to click away from your website. With each post you create, tell an interesting story that relates to the product or products you are trying to promote. The more personal the story, the better. Remember, in a previous article, I told you how to post content. Every time you create content, always post to Pinterest, Polyvore and Twitter. Posting to Pinterest and Twitter are easy. Polyvore is a little trick, but is very easy to figure out. This is a MUST. DO NOT skip this step.
  • Now comes the most crucial part. Every day, follow other people on Pinterest, Polyvore and Twitter. If you follow people on Pinterest and Polyvore, most will follow you back. This is a little harder to do on Twitter. You can easily get over 600 followers on Pinterest and over 200 on Polyvore each week.
  • After four or five weeks, you will have developed a large following. The women will see what you have, and many will start buying your products.

This takes a little time to get started, but you should see results rather quickly. It’s like a snowball rolling down a hill. Once it gets going, there is nothing that will stop this, or your success.

Let me add one final note to this. When posting on Pinterest, you must have Pinterest Boards created, which take about 20 seconds each to create. If you’re not familiar with Pinterest, boards are categories. In my next article, I am going to give you a list of Pinterest Board names and Pinterest categories that are the most popular, and will get you traffic every time.

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