Google and Clickbank – Not That Crazy About Each Other

google-clickbankI have received numerous emails asking the following question, “What is AdWords’s policy about Clickbank affiliate links in their ads?”

Well, I finally got the correct answer to this question. It came from a very reliable source – a Google AdWords support member. The correct answer is, according to the Google spokesperson, it is not against Google’s advertising policy to include a Clickbank affiliate link in an AdWords ad. However, if the sales page advertising the Clickbank product does not conform with Google’s advertising policies, Google will suspend your AdWords account immediately. If this happens to you, be prepared to face the reality that you are suspended from advertising with AdWords from now on.
If AdWords discovers that a merchant’s page you are linking to from your website is in violation of their advertising policies, they will offer you every chance to correct it. The problem is, the landing page cannot be changed by you, because it is owned by someone else. Deleting the link to the page from your website will not correct the problem, as far as Google is concerned. They believe that, once the link is in the system, it is there from now on. Therefore, as I stated once, and am about to state again, you are banned from Google AdWords for life.

Most Clickbank links, if not all, are in violation of Google’s policies. Google has their policies, and Clickbank has theirs. Unfortunately, they are not in agreement. I spoke to a Clickbank representative about this a few days ago, and was informed that they were not going to change their policies to accommodate Google. When I asked her if they agree with Google, she answered in a very professional and tactful way. Basically, what she was saying to me, in a nice way was, “Screw Google”.

google-clickbankIn summary, if you are thinking about running an AdWords ad with a Clickbank affiliate link, you need to reconsider. While doing this is not against Google’s policy, there is a ninety percent chance that the ad will be against their policies. When they catch it, and they will eventually, your advertising days with AdWords will be over.

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