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Monetize your website and amazingly save a life. Don’t try to sell the product. Let it sell itself.

One of the most effective ways to monetize your website is to describe how you successfully accomplished something, and include links that helped you do this. Here’s one way someone monetized his website, and at the same time, saved many lives.
Monetize Your Website

People come to your site to solve problems. Show how you solved your problems.

People read your blog to solve a problem. You’ve probably solved problems for yourself many times. Let your readers know. Don’t just tell them how you did it. Show them.

Here’s a perfect example of a problem that made a friend of mine over $100 thousand. Many people smoke too much. It’s a problem that can cost them their lives. My friend was a chain smoker on the brink of death, until he solved his problem. He was able to kill two birds with one stone, no pun intended. While he was making a great deal of money, he saved thousands of lives.

How a friend of mine was able to monetize his website with Quit Smoking Magic

A good friend of mine by the name of Karlton Chance was a chain smoker for 20 years. With the help of a product called Quit Smoking Magic, he did what the Doctor couldn’t help him do, quit smoking forever. When Karlton told me about this, he was so excited, and wanted to tell the whole world what he did. I said to him, “Karlton, why don’t you tell people by posting your story on a website? At the same time, you can make yourself a lot of money.”

Karlton was interested in posting his story, but was not interested in having his own website. So, I suggested he write his story, which he did. I edited it, added the affiliate links and posted it to our parent company’s website about a year ago.

How Karlton shared his experience with people

Karlton purchased Quit Smoking Magic, and 6 days later, smoked his last cigarette. This was 3 years ago. He wanted everyone to know the pain he went through, and the successful way he overcame it. He made it known that Quit Smoking Magic helped in a way that no Doctor could help. He never tried to sell this product to anyone. He just shared his experience with the product. The results were phenomenal. Karlton quit smoking, help thousands of other people quit smoking and made over $100 thousand.

Tell people about your own successes

Always tell people how you were successful in some of the things you’ve accomplished. If certain products or resources made this possible, tell people about them. Never try to sell these products or resources to people. Also, never tell people you’re not trying to sell them, because you’ll show false humility. If you’re not coming across as a salesman, people will sense it, and appreciate you for it. They don’t want to know what a product says it will do. They want to know what a product actually did, in a real life situation.

You don’t have to sell the product to anyone. Tell people how it helped you, and the product will sell itself. People who read Karlton’s article couldn’t wait to buy the product. He didn’t try to promote the product. He just described how it helped him, and added some value added links to his article, so people would know where to find Quit Smoking Magic.

This is the way to monetize your website, and help people at the same time. Forget about selling and making money. The only passion you should have is for what you accomplished, and how you accomplished it. Show this kind of passion, and the clicks, conversions, sales and money will come natural.

Stay with us. We’re going to give you some more goodies that will show you how to monetize your website.

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