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Only one industry today can make you a self-made millionaire


In the old days, it was the oil tycoons and real estate geniuses who became self-made millionaires. But don’t go into the oil or real estate business. Those industries are all but dead, as far a new entries are concerned. The old money is still enjoying the glory of those good old days. Fortunately, there’s a new (well, maybe not so new) industry that has already created many self-made millionaires, and billionaires, and will continue to create many, many more.

Want to be a self-made millionaire? You’re sitting on a gold mine

If you’re reading this now, you are in the right industry. The one and only one industry that is going to continue creating self-made millionaires is technology. You’re reading this because you’re going to build an online business. Isn’t that technology?

Technology is how the richest man in the world made his fortune. Look at the 50 richest people in the world, and you’ll see that 4 out of the top 8 did it in technology.

How self-made millionaires became that way

It’s simple. They developed a different mind set. They were determined to make a difference to so many people. They did it with a product or service that had never been available, but, that everyone needs and can’t do without. Most people had rather die than do without their computer, and Facebook.

How you can do it

All of that stuff you read on the internet over and over again, like selling affiliate products, taking surveys or selling e-books might make you some beer money. But it’s not going to make you the kind of money you want to make. However, there is one exception. I stated in a previous article that blogging can make you a millionaire, and this will never go away. After all, newspapers and opinions have been around since the beginning of time. But, once again, the same question comes up, “Isn’t that technology?”

So forget that crap you read online, written by someone who doesn’t know his butt from a hole in the ground. Clickbank and Amazon products are not going to make you rich. However, Amazon products did make Jeff Bezos very rich. Incidentally, he is one of the top 8 richest people in the world, and he did it with, like I said, technology.

If Mr. Bezos can do it, so can you. He puts his pants on one leg at a time just like you. What you have to do is find some kind of drive within yourself that will push you towards making a difference in the world. That’s what the two multi-billionaires shown at the top did. Read as much as you can about people who have become self-made millionaires, or better, billionaires. Learn everything you can about the ones who interest you. Notice how they made a difference in the world.

There are still hundreds of areas waiting to be discovered, that technology has not entered. Find one, go with it, and you’ll be like Jeff Bezos. If you think you can’t, you’d better change your thinking. You can!

If you want to know how to do this, read a previous article I wrote. Don’t just read the article. Read between the lines.

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