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Why some people succeed, and some don’t


Many people see building a successful  business as a catch 22 situation. The want to succeed, but know there are certain demands that are required in order to do so. Right away, they rebel. They’re defeated from the very start. The result – These people will not succeed. Is this you? I sure as hell hope not!

Others know the demands of building a business, but approach them with a different attitude. They literally talk to their business and say, “Come on, sucker! I can take anything you throw at me! Give it your best shot and I’ll throw it back!” Is this you? I sure as hell hope so!

The difference those who succeed, and who don’t succeed

To be successful, what do you have to do? Work hard?

True, to a certain extent. But successful people also know how to work smart.

Unsuccessful people make plans. Successful people make reservations

Successful people don’t waste time. They know when to move on when something is not working and spend their valuable time on something with more potential to succeed.

Unsuccessful people waste time, and keep spinning their wheels. They keep doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different outcome. Not only is this bad business. This is bad common sense.

Unsuccessful people and  Successful people approach fear differently

Successful people don’t allow fear to rule their lives. They may be afraid, which is natural. But they look at fear as a challenge and a motivator. They face it head on and smash is. Unsuccessful people let fear control them. They’d rather be afraid than get off their rear ends and do something about it. This should make you mad as hell. Good! Get mad at yourself. Now, get un-mad and build a successful business.

“Yes” vs “Guess So”

When successful people want something, they go out and get it. Nothing is going to stop them. If they don’t want something that is going to hurt their business, they say, NO, move on and forget it.

Unsuccessful people are messed up because they have allowed the rules in the catch 22 situation get the best of them. First of all, they can’t go out and get something because they don’t even know what the hell they want in the first place. They just want to build a business, and hope the money starts rolling in. Even if they finally decide there’s something they might want, their response is, “Do I want this? I guess so”.

When successful people say “Yes”, they take action and do it. Everything’s fine.

When they say “No”, they take action by moving on and forgetting it. Perfect!

When unsuccessful people say, “Guess so!”, they may as well book a European cruise, jump off the ship in the middle of the Atlantic and let the sharks get them. That’s what’s going to happen to them eventually.

And by the way, I’m thinking about booking a European cruise this summer. I suppose I need to make reservations. Why? Because I’m successful!

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