A Pessimist – Get as far away from him as you can, as fast as you can

pessimistThe Optimist vs The Pessimist

I am not going to get into the fancy definitions of the optimist and the pessimist. I will say one thing about the pessimist. And this is straight from the heart.

The Pessimist Turns My Stomach. He’s no good.

I hope you are reading this because you have a business, and you want to make money. Good for you, because I am here to give you encouragement. I would never break your spirit.

How to deal with a pessimist

Hopefully, you are on your way to building an online empire. Suppose someone asks you what you do for a living. What do you tell him? I hope you proudly tell him, “I have an online marketing business.” Soon, your answer will be, “I make money.

Now, suppose he says to you, “Oh, I’ve heard about that. Don’t waste your time. It would never work.” What do you do next? Let me tell you what I would do, shortly after I tell him to go F__C himself:

Get the Hell Away From Him as Fast as I Can. Stay away from him, or you’ll start thinking the way he thinks. What he has is contagious. 

When someone says this to you, don’t believe a word he says. So, he has ‘HEARD about that’. So what? Suppose you heard on the news that someone died in a traffic accident on the freeway a few days ago. Does this mean you should stop driving?

A pessimist will tell you that there is nothing good in anything. The reason he doesn’t see anything that is good is because his life is one failure after another. He knows he is a failure, and he wants you to be a failure. Misery loves company.

The pessimist not only exists in everyday conversation. There are many pessimists on the internet. I was reading an article today that was written by a pessimist. He said that a blog on making money would fail, because there are ‘too many cut throats in the business’. Do you know why he said this? It is because his blog is a failure, and he wants his readers to fail.

Think about the most successful bloggers of all time. Do you think they would tell you online marketing would never work? Not a chance. These guys are proof that it will work. They are optimists.

The optimist will tell you that anything will work if you apply yourself. Stay close to these people. They have succeeded, and they want you to succeed. The pessimist has failed, and he wants you to fail.

Associate With Optimists, Not Pessimists

It works both ways. Optimists also has a condition that is contagious. This is something you do want to catch.

You have probably read a ton of material on how to build your online business. You will probably read more. What you read is other people’s opinions. Online marketing is a business in which the slightest distraction will cause a person to become paranoid and unsure of himself.  Don’t pay attention to any negative distractions. Some of what you read online is B S. The writers of this trash give the good bloggers a bad name.

Build your online business. Keep working at it. It will work. Many others have succeeded. They succeeded and so can you.

When people try to encourage you and build you up, stay close to them. Associate with them as much as you can.

When others try to put you down and break your spirit, get away from them. Run away as fast as you can. Before you do, remember one very important thing:

What they say to you is not true.


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