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How to get millions to read your content, in just minutes


You post great content. Then, you check the stats on your website. You see that only about 50 people have visited your site. This is so frustrating. You ask, “Where did I go wrong?”

Not enough people know about it. But we’re going to correct this now, and make sure you reach millions of people, in minutes.

You have to go where the people are

People determine whether or not your website is successful. You must go where they are – Social Media.

I would say you must post every piece of content you create to: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked-In, Diigo, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, and the many many more Social Media Sites. But I don’t want to be a hypocrite, because I don’t do this. It’s waste of time BUT it has to be done.

Should you hit the publish button, then go each Social Media site and post? You can if you want. After all that’s where you’ll get tons of links, connections, visitors, readers and shares. Personally, I don’t want to do this. This will take about an hour or more, and I want to spend my time doing something more productive or spending time with the family.

There’s a way to get your content to all these sites, and have the time to do what you enjoy.

NEVER do something yourself, when someone else can do it for you.

Reach millions of people on Social Media with one click

Your content must be posted to every Social Media site. If you’re not familiar with some Social Media sites, post to them anyway.

Remember this: It’s better to post too much than not enough. There’s no such thing as posting too much.

But don’t do it. Let someone else do it for you, or I should say. some-thing. All you should have to do is, create your content, click, publish it, and let technology take over.

3 easy ways to reach millions of people in minutes

When I say minutes, I only mean, about 5 minutes. There are three easy ways to do this, at the simple click of a mouse. And the best part, they will cost you nothing.

NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster

After reading the reviews, I discovered that many people believe NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster is the best plugin available. With this plugin, simply set up about 30 Social Media accounts, post your content, and it’s automatically blasted all over Social Media. Time? About one second, the time it takes you to click publish. There’s also a premium version, but, you’ll get about 95 percent of what you’ll need in the free version. Don’t spend the money, until you’re successful. And My Friend, keep reading, and if I have anything to do with it, you will be.


jetpackSome people may believe the previous plugin is the best, but to me, JetPack beats them all. There are so many features and benefits this plugin has to offer. And you don’t even have to install it, because it comes with every WordPress installation.

Under settings and publicize, you will have the ability to automatically post content to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Path and Google+. But this is not the best part. You can set this up to post to as many Social Media accounts you want. I have 16 Twitter accounts, and I post every piece of content I create to each account.

Always PING your blog

There are services that you must ping everytime you publish content. They notify others that your blog has been updated. On your WordPress Administrative panel, to to Settings > Writing, copy and paste the url’s below right here, ▼


and, My Friend, You are in business!

You never have to post to Social Media again

You’re all set. All you have to do is create the best content you can possibly create. With the time you’re going to save, just think about the great content you can create. Or, you may want to think about that time that you’re going to spend with your family.

The posts to Social Media are automatically done for you. It’s like having an employee working for you with two exceptions: You don’t have to pay a salary, and you don’t have to pay any payroll taxes.

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