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How simple styles can tremendously increase search traffic

How your content looks improves Search Traffic

search-trafficIt’s true. How your text is formatted makes a difference in your search traffic. For every piece of content you create, you will have one, and sometimes two keywords that are the most important. Keywords should appear about four times, depending on the length of your article.

How to use bold and italic in websites

The first time they appear, use the bold and italic styles. The second time, use either the bold or italic. The third time they appear, use the style you didn’t use the second time. Finally, it’s not necessary to use these styles the fourth time.

I don’t recommend using the bold or italic styles for any other words in your article. Use quotation marks instead.

Google knows your focus key word. If highlighted accordingly, they will be better able to pick it out when they index your website. Do this consistently. Your content will stick out, and as a result, you will get more search traffic, and in a very short time, make more money.

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