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The shocking little secrets of success – and earning 6 figures a year


One shocking little secret of success is that you’re going to strike out more times than you hit a home run. I know from experience. I’ve started at least 20 big projects this year and some of them have been a struggle. I don’t give up on them. Giving up is not a part of my agenda, and never will be.

Millionaires have the same problems you have. They don’t give up. That’s why they’re millionaires. The difference is, they know the secrets of success.

There are times when a breakthrough occurs. I’ve been in the business for a long time, and find that positive things seem to happen more often now than early in my business. This will be your reward for not giving up.

No matter where your business is at today, I can understand your frustration, especially if you’re still struggling to get started. I went over 3 years (from 2010 to 2013) not knowing what I was doing before I made my first sale online.

Problems for beginners when building a business

online-businessThere are three major problems that beginners have. First, their niche market is saturated and they don’t know where to start to get their business back on the right track. Second, some thing they’re too old to continue building their business. Finally, they run out of money.

I understand the concerns of these people, but always remember that many people out there who were once in a worse situation than you are in now have been able to succeed and build a very successful business.

For example, I think you’ll agree that being your mid-50’s, newly divorced, recently laid-off, with two kids entering college, and having no computer skills is a tough situation, right?

Well, earlier this week I talked with a friend of mine who was in that exact situation, but has since gone on to build a website business making over 6-figures per year giving advice on everything having to do with the home, including home and decor, and patio home and garden. His website had nothing to do with money making products, fitness, weight loss, binary options, and any other niche that has long since become saturated.

How my friend achieved success

failing-forwardTo begin, he eliminated most of the excuses and refused to let anything get in the way.

First, he did what most beginners can’t seem to do, which is, take the initiative and get started. This is the biggest hurdle many people have, and a major one. Eventually you have to go out into the jungle, no matter how many predators are out there trying to eat you alive. The most important thing you need to do is get started, and right away.

Second, he found some mentors. When many successful people started their business, they knew right away they didn’t know everything. This is not important, but what is important is, knowing where to find the answers. This is what makes them successful. He surrounded himself with many successful and knowledgeable people in his niche.

Third, he made the commitment to take action. He learned as much as possible every day. He tried many new things. Some worked, and some didn’t, but he never gave up.

Finally, he approached failure as a positive tool. Failure became his new found friend. He knew there would be failures on the way to success, but was determined that his overall business was not going to fail. Failure became a learning tool, and as a result, he turned failures into successes along the way.

The attitude for achieving success

For people destined for success, giving up is NEVER an option. The thought of failing in business never enters their mind. Nothing is going to stop them. Many start without enough money to eat at a restaurant like Logan’s or Applebee’s.  Many start at a time in their life when there are many personal problems, such as, a divorce, lay-off and financial problems. If they know they’re destined for success, they’re not going to let minor things like these stop them.

If I could sell this positive attitude to people, I’d be a billionaire and everyone in the world would be a gigantic success.

Believe my, I would if I could, but this can’t be done. The positive attitude I’m talking about has to come from within yourself. This is personal, and no one can teach you how to do it. All you need is for someone to tell you about it, and then, DO IT!

6 ways to start building a successful business

  • Get started right away. Don’t say you’ll eventually get started, because you’ll keep putting it off, and will never do it. Get started today, with no excuses.
  • Take action immediately once you get started. Don’t just think about taking action. DO IT!
  • Fail forward. There’s no such thing as failure. It’s nothing more than a stepping stone. You might fail many times on the way. Learn from them. Don’t make the same mistakes. You’re not going to build a successful business without failing a few time on the way. Failure is responsible for many success stories.
  • Keep learning. Learn as much as you can. The learning never ends. Learn from other people you surround yourself with. Learn from you customers.
  • Don’t be afraid to compete with anyone. It doesn’t matter how big a company is. If they’re in your niche, they are your competition. Believe what I’m about to say. If you’re their competition, they know you’re there, and they’re not exactly comfortable with it. They’re thinking about ways to kick your butt. Think about how they might do this, and then kick their butts first.
  • Finally, never, ever, ever give up.

You don’t know how to fail. All you know how to do is succeed and GET RESULTS!

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