A simple little money making tool that you must have on your website

money making tool-infinite scrollThis little money making tool is so simple that I’m surprised I didn’t think of it long ago. It will make your website much easier for your visitors, and the benefits you will gain are infinite.

No pun intended, but the money making tool is infinite scroll

You’re probably familiar with this tool, but don’t know it by name. You’ve seen it on Facebook and Twitter. Infinite scroll is when visitors can scroll your entire page without having to click for more. The page loads content continuously as the reader scrolls down. This is very convenient, considering that all someone has to do is roll the wheel on the top of the mouse.

How to get infinite scroll on your website

If your website is created with WordPress, chances are you already have it. It’s built into the plugin, JetPack. Unfortunately, many WordPress themes will not support it. That’s no problem.

Most infinite scroll plugins don’t work very well. There is one that works like a charm, which is, YITH Infinite Scrolling. It’s very easy to install. The support is the best I’ve ever seen. Of course, if your theme supports infinite scroll, you’re home free.

How infinite scroll can make you money

Things change in online marketing and making money. Something that works now won’t necessarily work a year from now, and vice versa. I’m speaking about the vice versa. Over a year ago, I published an article about 13 reasons you should never put ads in your sidebar. I still believe this with a conventional website. Infinite scroll has changed this article a little.

You could install infinite scroll and freeze your sidebar. But why would you want to do this? It will cause problems, but more importantly, defeat your purpose. As the reader scrolls down the page, there is empty space on the sidebar. Don’t waste this valuable space. You must capitalize on this opportunity, or else, you’re leaving money on the table.

Infinite scroll is a web browser’s dream. Your visitor will already love you for making his visit more pleasant. As he sees more and more calls to action in the sidebar, they’re not going to go unnoticed. You will get more views, more clicks, more conversions and finally, more sales. Remember, in our business, everything makes a difference.

Infinite scroll is not good for all websites

This little money making tool is great for content websites and blogs. People want information, and don’t have to click and re-click to get it. It’s right there in front of them. In this case, it’s perfect for visitors wanting to browse and see what information they can find when they’re not looking for anything specific.

On the other hand, when people are looking for a specific topic, it may not be the best tool. People wanting to find a specific piece of content, such as products, product features and product reviews may be frustrated. But there is a way around this. That’s what the search bar is for. You can always notify your visitors to search for a specific item, which will make your website even more user friendly.

Concluding thoughts

I’ve been using infinite scroll for three months, and have had tremendous success. While it may not be good for all websites, there’s always a way to make it work to your advantage. I recommend you try it. If you don’t like what it does for your website, you can always remove it. Most likely, you’ll get more clicks that you wouldn’t have ordinarily gotten.

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