Sometimes It Is Hard To Stay Focused In Internet Marketing

Back in February, 2013, I posted an article on how to Stay Focused in Your Online Business. More often than not, this seems like a monumental task. But it is not. You may be making it one.

stay focused in your online businessI know that I may be getting monotonous. But, not enough can be said about how to stay focused in internet marketing. This is the one thing that will make or break you in internet marketer. Just consider the situation. You have great ideas when you are away from the computer. You tell yourself, “Man, if only I were at the computer, I could conquer the world.” Then, you get pre-occupied with doing other things. You keep saying to yourself, “Man, when I get back to my computer, I am going to get on this right away.” Then, you just go on and do other things that you feel like you have to do, before sitting down, and following through with your thoughts. Man, get your ass back to your computer right away. Don’t waste this valuable opportunity.

The fact of the matter is, you don’t follow through right away. There are reasons for this.

  • You don’t have the confidence that what you are thinking about will work. Therefore, to spare yourself the agony of failure, you put it off. You are afraid you will fail again, and therefore, you never even try. If you fail, so what. If you thought this was a great idea, there are thousands of other great ideas.
  • Another reason you put it off is, simply, you are afraid of success. Maybe you are afraid to follow through with new ideas because you are afraid they will succeed. This is a whole new world for you, and you don’t know how you are going to handle it. If you are afraid you will succeed, then plan on working for someone the rest of your life. Internet marketing is not for you.
  • You know what you want to do, but you don’t know exactly how you are going to do it. When the idea first came into your head, you know damn well that you had a pretty good idea what you were going to do. However, your mind suddenly draws a blank. This is nothing but one gigantic cop-out.
  • When you get to your computer, you decide you want to warm up first. Therefore, before getting to the things that you need to do, instead you do the following – check your emails, see what is going on in your Facebook account, or watch YouTube videos.
  • Finally, you are just plain lazy.

All of the above reasons you never follow through are just mere excuses. And you know what has always been said about excuses. If you can’t remember, allow me to refresh your memory.

Excuses are like rear ends. Everybody has one.

The next time you sit down to your computer to build your internet marketing business, get straight to work Don’t fool around. Don’t worry about checking your emails. Most of them are probably emails that you will delete anyway. Don’t worry about your Facebook account. It will always be there. And, for goodness sake, don’t waste your valuable time watching those YouTube videos that are not going to put one dime in your pocket. Build a successful online business. Then, you will have the rest of your life to watch YouTube videos.

This is your online business. Work it now. Don’t waste time. You may not ever be able to get this time back.

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