Success in Business means, you only have to be right ONCE!

It’s not hard to achieve Success in Business. On the contrary, it’s very easy. Once you decide on the ONE THING you want to do, and make the commitment to yourself, you’ll be very surprised how easy it will be. It only takes ONE!


If a baseball player in the big leagues has a batting average of 300, his picture will probably be on the cover of Sports Illustrated. If he does this every year, he will end up in the Baseball Hall of Fame. This means that, out of every 1,000 times at bat, he got a hit 300 times. He was right 300 times. If a batter has a batting average of 200, he’ll be shipped back to the minor leagues. This may seem unfair. He was right 200 times, but this wasn’t good enough.

A pro basketball player who has a shooting percentage of 50 percent would be an All Star. Out of every 100 shots attempted, he was right 50 times. A shooting percentage of 20 percent is not going to cut it. The next year, he’ll either be trader, or will be watching basketball games on TV. But he was right 20 times.

In Business, you only have to do in once

200 times and 20 times is a lot of times to get it right. But in baseball and basketball, this is failure. An athlete can keep trying to get it right more times, but eventually will not be able to do it any longer.

Let’s make this short and to the point. When building a successful business, there’s no limit on the number of times you can try. If you strike out 1,000 times in baseball, you’re history. If you do the same in business, you’re still on your way to success.. Failure means not trying.

You’re not going to strike out 1,000 times. One of these times, you are going to be right. Then, LOOK OUT! But for argument’s sake, suppose you do strike out 1,000 times. So what? If you get it right that one thousand and first time, the other 1,000 times mean NOTHING.

Building a successful business is easy. In baseball, you have to get it right 300 times. In basketball, 50 times. In business, get it right ONE TIME, and YOU ARE SET for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

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