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Viral Marketing – Watch the Super Bowl, with your laptop, and capitalize like the big guns.


Super Bowl Sunday is the advertiser’s dream. They will make shit loads of money during that three and a half hours we now know as Super Bowl 50. Why shouldn’t you? It’s time to warm up and get ready for some serious Viral Marketing.

Go Viral: Super Bowl 50 is your golden opportunity

Don’t forget the wings, the chili, pizza, spinach dip, artichoke dip, Budweiser and everything that makes Super Bowl Sunday a festive occasion. Some even fry catfish on that day, but you have much bigger fish to fry. Get that laptop geared up. I hope you’ll be using it a lot during those three and a half hours.

When you consider the millions of people who’ll be tweeting, posting, sharing, etc, think of the topics and the niches that you’ll tap into, right at your fingertips. This is why you must watch Sunday’s Super Bowl, even if you don’t like football. This is a dream for anyone wanting to get into viral marketing, and go viral.

Forget daily trends. Trends will change by the minute

This is better than the commodities market. You’ll be watching the market change before your very eyes, and you won’t have to put up any of your money.

Follow every event you see on Social Media, especially Twitter, Facebook. If you have no interest in them, get some interest fast, because you’ll have some of the best opportunities for real-time marketing and viral marketing. You’ll see trends changing by the minute. Get ready to be a tweeting and posting machine. You’re going to find out what makes people tick, minute by minute, and Sunday will be the time for you to capitalize on it.

People’s memory from the internet is short-lived these days. You must be ready to hit them while they’re hot, and the markets and niches will be at their all time highs for the year.

You’ve got another secret weapon

This was once a secret, but everyone has one today. Ever heard of a Smart Phone? If you find that you’ve been invited to one of those fantastic Super Bowl parties, where everyone there fills up on Wings and Beer, get ready to post and tweet faster than Cam Newton can run up and down the field. All the goodies are there for you – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, you name it. Tweet fast. Speed is important, but more important is timing. Get these people when they’re interested, because 5 minutes later, they may not be. If you’re rusty, and tweet slow at first, get some speed, and fast. Don’t miss out. There will be millions of trends during that magic 3 and a half hours.

Now is the atmosphere for viral marketing, and Super Bowl Sunday is the best day of the year to go viral, and make some very serious money.

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