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122 Ways to Promote your Content and get Tons of Website Traffic

“Website Traffic is the reward for Promoting Content” –  Repeat this every day

122 Ways to Promote Content

Website traffic is very important. Otherwise, your content is useless.

Content is the lifeblood of your business. You must treat it like your most valuable commodity. That’s the only way you’ll get people to read it. Treat it so, and the website traffic will come pouring in.

If you’re like us, here at, you spend most of your time:

  • Creating the best content you can possibly create,
  • Trying to grow your mailing list, and
  • Looking every day for new ways go grow your business.

Creating the best content is sometimes a challenge. But the real challenge is getting it out there for the people to see. Therefore, promoted content is the real lifeblood of your business, and website traffic is the result of this promoted content.

Promote your content, and your website will be a well oiled machine.

You must take the time to write good content. The time you spend creating it, however, should be a fraction of the time you will take to promote it, particularly if you want to increase website traffic, and you want your business to grow.

It’s important to, first, Create the Right Content, second, Promote the Right Content, and finally, see the website traffic rolling in. Do the first two things the right way, and the website traffic will continue to come in for a very long time.

Website Traffic

Why I’m writing this massive blog post about content and website traffic

For years, I guess you can say, I missed the boat. I was naive, thinking that all I had to do was create good content, and my website will take care of me.

This is not true. It’s never been true. People will tell you that it was not like this in the old days of SEO, but don’t believe it. Owning a website can be the closest thing to being alone on a desert island. You have something to share, with no one to share it with.

Website Traffic

I’m writing this because I want you to know that there are millions out there to share your content with. They are anxious to read your content, but they don’t know it unless you tell them.

Instead of writing about getting traffic to your website, posting on Social Media and all of the good things we all hear about over and over again, I want to write something that is important.

Everyone tells you that you have to have good content. Hardly anyone tells you how important it is to promote the good content you have. So, I’m going to take a completely different twist, and I hope upon hope that you get every ounce of benefit from this.

Let me put this another way. I hope you get more benefit from this than the pain I went through to create this for you.

Without further further ado, HERE IT IS.

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The Right Content

Email Marketing

The Community

Social Media



Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your Website Design


Never Shortcut your Content

How to promote your website with Content and get more website traffic

1. Spend less time writing content and more time promoting it

Promote content-80 20 rule

Creating content won’t get you traffic. Promoting content will.

Every Monday, spend your time creating a great piece of content. Tuesday through Friday, do nothing but promote the content you’ve created.

Spend at least 80 percent of the time promoting, and 20 percent writing. Thus, we have the 80 / 20 rule. On the other hand, 90 / 10 is even better.

Promote content

2. Create your content, and GET AWAY from your website

The people you want to reach are somewhere else, i.e., Social Media and other websites. Go get them. Leave your website, and go where they are. Spend the time you need creating good content, and then, get away from your website and promote it. On Tuesday through Friday, you shouldn’t even log into your website.

Promote content - Web Traffic

3. Always do On Page SEO

I just wanted to touch briefly on this for two reasons. First, it’s very important, and second, it’s very easy. Assuming you’re using WordPress, which is the standard, there’s a plugin that will do all of this for you. Install Yoast SEO and set it up. As you create your content, Yoast SEO will let you know if your on page SEO is fully mazimized.

Promote content-on page SEO

4. Create the RIGHT content

Content is king. This is so true, but just any old content won’t get you where you need to go.

Don’t assume good, informative content will get you tons of traffic. You may be the best at what you do. You might be the best at describing it to people. This is not the right content. Write something about how your area of expertise can apply to other people’s business and/or personal lives to make them better. Tell people how it has affected your life in a positive way. That’s what they want to read about. This is the right content.

5. Find the formula for creating the Right Content

There’s only one way to do this. See how the experts do it. Find the websites that get tons of traffic, and master the formula they follow.

Don’t copy their content. Instead, learn how they create content, and why so many people like to read it. You can find out by visiting a site called Buzzsumo. Fortunately, there’s a 14 day free trial. But if you can use this valuable tool to your advantage, and promote your content the right way, you’ll easily be able to afford the $90 per month in no time.

With Buzzsumo, you can take any topic, in any niche, and see the websites that have created the most successful content. See what articles got huge numbers of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, PInterest and Google Plus shares. If content has gotten over 2 million shares on Social Media, you’ll know immediately that someone has done something right. And that is exactly what you must learn to do. This leads into the next important way to promote content.

6. Always have call to action, Social Media share triggers

This is the best kept secret for promoting content. You must do this if you want your website to rank. Place Social Media share triggers where people can easily see them, at the top of your article, on the left. When people share your content, Google will love it. This is exactly why you see a website on page 1 when you do a Google search.

Website rank

7. Ask people to share your content

Very few people will do this. I’ve done it many times, and have had success. If you ask people to share your content, there’s no reason why they’d refuse you, especially if your content is good. All they have to do is click.

If you’ve ever wondered why your content doesn’t get many shares, not you know. You’ve never asked for them.

8. Write the best Headline you can possibly write

Promote content with headlinesIf you have to spend two, three or four hours writing your headline, do it. It’s well worth it. This is the first thing people see, and what draws them to your content.

Most people won’t read your article, but they’ll glance at your blog title. This gets people to your article. Use CoSchedule to create your headlines. It’s a free online tool, and one that you’ll never want to do without.

9. Make “About” page a headline

Promote content-about pageMany people who visit your site will look at your “About” page. Write the best possible headline for this page. For example, instead of naming it About Us, consider something like, Why We Can Make Your Life Better.

10. Tell people you want them to comment

Don’t expect all of your readers to comment on their own. Tell them something on this line:

If you like this article, please submit a comment below. It is through your comments that we can help everyone reach their goals.”

11. Put a call to action at the end of your content

Ask your readers to subscribe to your blog if they like the article. Include an opt-in form in your article, to make this easy for them to do.

12. Include one or MORE free e-books with the call to action at the end of your content

This gives people another reason to subscribe to your blog. You want them to have a free gift that will help them. This will increase your opt-ins by at least 30 percent.

13. Don’t create too much content

You have to create content to be successful, but don’t spend 100 percent of your time doing it. When will you promote it? Never, unless you follow the 80 / 20 rule. You won’t have the time.

14. Quality vs Quantity

One post per week consisting of quality content will rank your site much better than 20 posts with average content. Don’t go for quantity, because it will lower the integrity or your site. Go for quality. Every article you write must stand on its own as one of the best and most influential in your niche. Remember, you’ll be learning from the best bloggers in the world.

15. Update your content regularly

There’s no written rule for how often you should update your content. Generally speaking, you should update twice a week.

If you start promoting your content the right way, there’s no reason to update it more once once a week.

The most successful people update their blog no more than once a month. If you create content that’s a big hit, with over a million shares, you’ll get massive traffic for at least a year.

16. Update old content

Some of your content from the past may be good, but just doesn’t have the twist you need to successfully promote it. Use the formula for creating the right content, and re-post older content that you feel has the potential for success. Re-write the article using a different twist.

17. Find the most successful people in your niche

I mentioned above that you must find the formula for creating the right content, by learning how the experts do it. Here, I want you to think about doing the same, but narrow it down to your niche. They’re reaching the same types of people you want to reach. Learn how they do it.

Promote content-Don Aronow

18. Find out why other content is successful

As you find the most influential bloggers in your niche, compare their content to yours. Ask the question, “Why is their content successful?” Analyze the differences and you’ll find the answers very quickly.

19. Create content the way influential people create it

Don’t copy their content. Copy their style. Once you begin comparing your content to that of the best people in your niche, you’ll be able to do this, and it should become easier every time.

20. Update content from an influential blogger

Like everything else, content becomes obsolete. Sometimes, a few minor changes will update it into something people will find interesting. Find a successful piece of content that has done very well, and update it with your own twist and style.

21. Making it better

Don’t just update it. Make it better and more thorough.

This is a very effective method of promoting content, and one I’ve had success with. Take an old, out dated article that has done very well. Update it, re-write it using your own style, make it better than the original, and finally, promote it.

When updating lists, always increase the number of items. For example, if an old article that got 2 million shares, lists:

24 Ways to Do Something ,

Update it with your own style, and list:

54 Ways to Do Something

I’ve done this many times. Some blog posts took me as long as a week to create. At times, I’ve felt like I was going to die coming up with additional items on the list, but the feeling was well worth it.

22. Contact Influential bloggers

This is one of the best way to promote your content. Get on this bandwagon right away. Very few people are talking about it. And, even fewer people are doing it.

Reach out to the Influential Bloggers. Let them know what you’re doing. It gets your foot in the door, and that’s a very big door.

Here’s a letter that gets results.


23. Ask Influential bloggers for help

I’ve found that most successful bloggers are more than willing to help an aspiring blogger. He’s already successful. He doesn’t think of you as competition. He considers himself as your mentor.

Before contacting anyone, know beforehand who you’re going to contact. This will save you very valuable time.

24. Mention the influential people in your blog post

If you ever needed a reason for contacting the most influential people on the web, here it is. Tell them you’ve mentioned them, with a link to their website. This’ll more than get your foot in the door. Will they help you? The chances are pretty good because you’re helping them.

25. Ask the influential for a backlink to your site

If you don’t ask, you won’t get. If you do ask, you might get.

Never be afraid to ask someone for a backlink. If your content is good enough, you may not have to ask. But ask anyway. What’s the worst that could happen? The answer will be no. If so, no harm done. Go elsewhere. There are many influential people out there willing to help you.

How to promote content with email and get more website traffic

26. Start sending a lot of emails

Sending emails to people you don’t know is one of the hardest things to do. Once you begin, it becomes easier.

This is what separates the men from the boys. Grow some thick skin fast. If you want website traffic, this is a must.

Start sending emails to the most successful and influential people in your niche. Ask them for help. Ask for backlinks, shares on Social Media, advice, etc.

Don’t be bashful.

The worst that could happen is, they won’t respond. The best, and most likely thing that will happen is, you’ll immediately open another source of website traffic.

If you send 100 emails, Don’t be surprised if you receive 15 positive responses. People on the internet love to help others.

The hardest thing to do is, send your first email. After you do this, and send a few more, you’ll find out that your skin doesn’t have to be as thick as you think.

27. Read comments and answer questions

As you find content from the best bloggers in your niche, read the comments. If an article has 2 million shares, there will be hundreds of comments. Some of these will be questions. Send the person who posted the comment an email, answering the question. This will open many new traffic sources for you.

28. Get ready to build an email list

You may have come across a successful website, and asked yourself, “How’s this guy making money? I don’t see any ads.”

Don’t worry. He’s making money. He has something you won’t see on his website – an email list. A better description is, customer list.

Open an account with an email marketing service. The most popular is AWeber. But the one I prefer is GetResponse. Both are equally good, offer a 30 day free trial, and are very inexpensive.


29. Start building your email list

Every page on your website must have an opt-in form. Post this form in the sidebar and encourage visitors to sign up for the most up-to-date information. Post them in you content as well.

30. Always include a free gift

Every opt-in form you create must offer a free gift. This lets the subscriber know you’re serious about helping. You don’t have to spend a lot of time creating an e-book. This can only be a few pages. It can be a small collection of some of your best articles in the past.

Remember this! Free gifts are also content. You’re promoting this content to first, build an email list, and second, promote your website content later.

31. Always have an opt-in form on your home page

This is the first thing the visitor sees. Since an opt-in form offers something as a gift, the visitor knows you’re not trying to sell him. He feels more comfortable visiting your website.

32. Start sending emails to promote your new content

This is pretty basic, but, it opens yet another huge door for website traffic.

Let your subscribers know that your blog has been updated. Some will read it, and share it on Social Media.

When sending emails, always keep it personal. It is the personal touch that determines success with promoting content, especially with Social Media.

Here’s an email to my subscribers a while back, that probably save some a lot of money.


33. Ask people to forward your emails to friends

All it takes is a simple click and an email address. In 5 seconds, your content will reach another source of website traffic. Highlight this request in your email so it will be easily seen.

34. Send your emails at the best times

The best time to send emails is Monday morning. People are coming back to work after the weekend, and love to spend time on the computer before beginning. I’ve had good results sending emails on Tuesday and Thursday. Weekends are not a good time to promote content. However, weekends are very effective if your website is selling products through e-commerce.

35. Plain text or visual emails?

People usually don’t read visual emails. They look too much like advertisements. Text emails are much more effective because of that personal touch.

36. Send an email newsletter

Most people update their blog once or twice a week. Send emails to some of the influential bloggers in your niche and ask permission to include on or two of their articles with yours in a newsletter. I’d be very surprise if they turn you down. You’ll be helping them as well, and most would jump at this chance. Successful people are never too successful.

37. Update old posts and send them to subscribers

Content created one or two years ago can easily be updated. Change some information that may be outdated, add a new twist and include them in your email as part of your newsletter, or, as new content.

38. Re-send emails to people who missed them

Email marketing services like AWeber and GetResponse will allow you to monitor who does and does not open your emails. Resend the ones that were not opened.

39. Include Social Media share triggers in your emails

This is a brilliant way to get Social Media shares directly from your emails. You could easily get as many as 20 new shares, depending on the size of your list. To learn more about this, go to Share Link Generator.

40. Include links to other blog posts

One of the best ways to increase your on page SEO is to include links in your content to other blog posts. Why not do the same in your emails? It’s very effective.

41. Always include a signature

Your email is personal. Try to create them as if you were sending a letter. At the end, when you say, “Sincerely, . . .”, include a link to your website.

42. Include a picture and/or logo in signature

An image of your website logo, and a picture of yourself is very effective in the signature of your email. The picture is more effective because your subscribers will know that you are a real person, as opposed to a bot.

43. Start sending emails as quickly as possible

Don’t procrastinate. Website traffic is out there, even if it’s a few visitors at first. Like a rolling snowball, once website traffic starts rolling, as a result of doing things the right way, it can only grow into more and more.

Start sending emails right away, even if you only have a few subscribers. Once you start promoting content, your email list will grow at a faster pace.


44. Optimize the Subject line in your emails

If you want your emails to be opened, grab the recipient’s attention immediately. Analyze the subject line the same way as your headlines, with CoSchedule.


How to promote content within the community

45. Submit your article to a content community

Here are some you may want to look at:

Share your best content. Don’t just share your own stuff. Share other articles and comment on what others have submitted. Be part of the community.

46. Connect with a peer group

Groups can help you become better at what you do. They can also be a great source of website traffic, and the promotion and growth of your content.

47. Focus on places that get the best results

As you promote your content within the community, you’ll find that some are more effective than others. Limit your participation to the ones that are the most helpful.

48. Answer questions and solve problems

People within the community will constantly have questions and problems. Try to help them resolve these issues. This will give you another source of traffic.

49. Join Facebook Groups in your niche

While I’ve not had as much success with this as with others, many people find this to be a very effective way of promoting your content. Post your content to groups at least 4 times a day.


50. Join several forums

Forums are an excellent way to promote content. Warrior Forum is probably the best, but there are others.


51. Solve people’s problems with your blog posts

Forums are a good way to find out what’s trending. They’re also a good place to find the concerns people have. If you follow the influential bloggers, you already know what’s trending. Read what others post, and refer them to your content as a way of helping them.

52. Post your blog on all the Social Bookmarking sites

QD Tricks has the most comprehensive list of Social Bookmarking Sites on the internet, with 300 sites listed by name and Page Rank. The list has recently been updated.

How to promote content on Social Media

53. Share your content the minute it’s published

This is a no-brainer. But doing this manually is very tedious. Fortunately, there’s an easier way. NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster is a free plugin that does this automatically.


54. Become an active member of groups

It may not be enough just to post your content to groups and circles. Becoming an active member keeps you in touch with other people’s interests. If you know what they want, you’ll have a better insight on promoting your content.


55. Share on as many Social Media sites as possible

Some Social Media sites attract different audiences from others. Wikipedia has the most comprehensive list of Social Media Websites.

56. Link to your blog on your Social Media profile

Many people find your content on Social Media, and must know how to get to your website. Facebook has a call to action button that will make this easy to do. Here’s the fan page for an e-commerce site I recently started.


57. Make as many friends as you can

Making contact is very important. This is how people become to know you as an authority in your niche. Contact people on a personal basis. Don’t make contact through the websites that claim to get you 1,000 friends in a week. They probably do what they say, but most of them are bots. Besides, both Google and Facebook frown on this.

58. Share your content more than once

This will increase your website traffic by giving the people the opportunity to see your content if they missed it the first time. As a general rule, share three times on the day you publish. The next day, share three more times. Three days later, do the same. Then, share again one week, two weeks, and months later. If your content is a hit, you may find yourself sharing it for a year, periodically.

59. Share old content

I showed you how to update old content earlier. Share this on Facebook and as many Social Media sites as you possibly can.

Most of your Facebook fans won’t a click that is labeled as your latest blog post.

60. Share other pages on your website

There’s no rule that says you only have to share you blog posts. As I said before, many people will read your “About” page. If your site has a “Resource” page, share this. One strategy that has worked for me is sharing my “Contact” page. This gives people the opportunity to ask questions.

61. Make your shares Personal

Kim Garst is the leading expert on Social Media. About a week ago, I downloaded her ebook, 27 Killer Facebook Post Ideas. If you share something personal about yourself, such as, what you did when you woke up, people don’t really care. However, according to Kim Garst, people will respond to this, because you’re “showcasing a ‘human’ activity”.

62. Share your Headline only

I’ve stressed the importance of writing the best headlines, earlier. The headline is the first thing people see. If the headline is strong, people will click and go to the content.

63. Always use images

People don’t like to read. Consequently, posting text will not get you many clicks. People love images. Stay away from images from the free image sites. Add text to your images, for more effective results. Animated GIF images also work, but don’t overdo it.

64. Thank people who share your content

They’ll remember you for this. Also, this adds the personal touch, which I’ve ascertained that Facebook readers love.

65. Know when to stop sharing

If a blog post is not getting as many views and shares as you would like, stop, and find the reason for this. Then, try sharing again in a few months.

66. Know the right times to share

I’ve found that it’s more effective to share during the week. 12 noon to 3 p,m, and 5 p,m. to 9 p.m. are the best times. This applies to all Social Media, including Twitter

How to promote content on Twitter

67. Get familiar with TweetDeck

If you have a website, you’ll probably have both a personal and business Twitter account. Many successful people have several accounts. TweetDeck is a free online tool designed to make your tweeting to multiple accounts easier, more manageable and more effective.


68. Tweet several times a day

Some say 15 times, but I like to Tweet 20 times a day. People see these tweets on the spur of the moment. If they miss them the first time, chances are they won’t see them. You want to reach as many people as possible.

69. Tweet different parts of your content

Content, in an of itself, is such a unique thing. Another good article can center around one sentence. From a simple article, you can create 100 more articles that will be equally good. With this being said. tweet differently each time by using quotes from your content.

70. Make your tweets mysterious

Most of your Twitter followers won’t click the link in your tweet. But if you create a mysterious, and captivating headline, they’ll wonder what it’s about, and will click on it to find out.

71. Schedule your tweets

Sometimes it’s not feasible to be at the computer during the ideal tweeting times. With TweetDeck, and Twitter Ads, you can schedule your tweets up to a year in advance.


72. Use hashtags (#)

Twitter lifespans are very short. Using hashtags will make your content specific, and easier for people to find on later dates.

73. Use a call to action in your tweets

Try to get people to do something to better themselves. For example, tweet a free e-book you’re giving to subscribers.

74. Use less text, more images

Again, people don’t like to read. They’d rather see images. When using an image, don’t tweet over 100 words.


75. Analyze tweets like headlines

Recently, I’ve used the headline tool from CoSchedule for my tweets, and it has produces much better results. Good tweets, like good headlines, will increase your clickthrough rate.


76. Re-Tweet your own tweets

With the short life span of tweets, this will get your tweets back to the top of your Twitter profile, making them the first thing people see when they visit your page.

How to promote content on Pinterest

77. Know the right times to Pin

The times you post on Facebook are also effective for Pinterest. In addition, pinning on weekends has shown to be very effective. There’s no set time for weekends. You can pin from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

78. Pin several times a day

My recommendation is, 30 times a day.

79. Pin directly from your website

If you install the “Pin it button” in your web browser, you can pin faster, pin more often and reach more people.


80. Mix and match your content

You can combine old content with new stuff, create an awesome image, and come up with some of the most effective pins.


81. Analyze your headlines

Use the same tool to analyze your Pinterest headlines that you use for Twitter, email subject lines and post titles.

82. Use hashtags (#)

This helps pinners find your blog post more easily, days and weeks after it has been pinned.

83. Ask visitors to your website to pin your content

Think of this as a call to action, encouraging people to pin your content if they like the article. You should have the Pinterest call to action trigger in your content.

84. Include the top pins in your content

Pinterest will send you a list of the top pins periodically. You can also run a Google search for the Top Pins on Pinterest by year. This is very likely to get you more re-pins, more exposure and more traffic.


85. Always use the best quality images

Pinterest is all about images. The quality of your image is very important in Pinterest, and everything else as well. Some of the free image software, such as, Gimp and PhotoScape, has tools that allow you to enhance your image and make it look much better.

86. Target Women, if possible

Most of the people on Pinterest are women. If you create a pin that will get their attention, your website traffic and clickthrough rate should sky rocket.


How to promote content with SEO

87. Target one keyword per post

This is important. Do it right, and your blog will take care of you in the future. Know the key word you want to target, and Yoast SEO will do the rest.


88. Use long tail keywords

When people run Google searches, they almost always key in phrases, as opposed to words. Long tail key words will help your content reach more people, because you will target something that they are specifically searching for.

89. Link to other blog posts

Google loves internal links. This lets everyone know how important your content is, in relation to other content.

90. Show related posts at the end of your article

Sometimes, readers want to know more. Seeing “related posts” will get them to other parts of your website. This makes your content, and your entire website even more valuable to your visitors. Also, Google loves this.

91. Submit your website to search engines

This can’t wait. Immediately after you hit “publish”, go to Google and Bing Webmaster Tools and submit your site index and your url.

92. Ask everyone to link to your blog

Building backlinks is important. Every time you contact someone on another website, always ask for a backlink. The worst that could happen is, they’ll ignore it. But they might not.

Compare this to the brick and mortar business. When a merchant sees someone he knows and tells them he has a store, he always invites them there to shop.

93. Make sure your content is relevant

You must take all the time you need to prepare good content. I’ll say more about this later. For now, keep it relevant and on point, and don’t go off on a tangent. Otherwise, your readers will become bored, confused, and impatient. Don’t change up on them, because you want to keep them there. This will decrease your bounce rate, and increase your rankings with Google.

94. Use alt tags for images

Never post an image without an alt tag. When I started out, someone sent me an email informing me that 10 images on my website were missing alt tags, and this was a “cardinal sin“. I never forgot this. Since then, I’ve never posted an image without an alt tag. This may not seem so important for promoting your content, but it is very important.

95. Never buy links

Earn your links. If you buy them, Google will cut your genitals off. Well, maybe they won’t do anything as drastic, but let me assure you that very few people will see your content.

How to promote content with Site Preparation and Web Design

96. Be Natural

When you create content, pretend you’re talking to someone in a normal conversation, face to face. This will make your content easier to read, and keep visitors on your site today, and again when they re-visit you. And they will. So will others. Good websites have a tendency to get shared. What a source of website traffic this could be!

97. Don’t link to categories under post

Personally, I’ve always believed that categories add no value to a blog. If you use them, use 3 to 8. Instead of linking to categories, link to another page you’d like to promote, such as a “Resource” page.

98. Show call to action in excerpts

If your home page is your recent posts, and you show excerpts with a “read more” link, have a call to action where it is seen by people. This is very effective, and will get you more opt-ins.

99. Always include opt-in form in sidebar

Everywhere on your website, there should be an opt-in form that sticks out like a sore thumb. Make it as easy as possible for people to opt-in. Remember, as you promote your content, you’re building your email list.

100. Ask for testimonials

Contact a few of your regular visitors, and find out what they like about your website. If it’s newsworthy, post what they say as testimonials, with their permission, or course. The best place to post testimonials is under each opt-in form.

101. Add Optin form to “About” page

As I said before, many people will read your “About” page. Make sure there’s a call to action. This will increase your mailing list significantly.

102. Use the right font size

Good, effective, informative content must be easy to read.

If someone has to strain their eyes to read your content, they’ll probably click away. This can be frustrating to a visitor. Use a font size that’s easy to read. A good size is 16 pixels.

103. Use the right colors in the right places

Don’t confuse action colors with reading colors. Use one color for actions, which are links and buttons. This way, people will know the right color to click on. Use another color for headings and text.

104. Add link in footer to “About” page

Don’t just post a short text link. Post a brief description and image. This will add about a 4 percent increase to your subscribers.

105. Post “Share” triggers at the end of your content

promote-content-share-triggersI said earlier that these should be posted at the top of your content. I also recommend posting them at the end. After people read your article, you want them to share it. It’s more convenient for them to click on something right in front of them instead of scrolling back to the top. This will make a huge difference in the number of shares. Also, this weighs more heavily in SEO.


106. Use short line lengths

People are turned off by longer line lengths. If a page has no sidebar, make the content more narrow, about 500 or 600 pixels. People prefer short line lengths. They read them slower, and get more value. Consequently, they stay around, which decreases your bounce rate and increases your rankings.

It also looks much better, and your page is not cluttered.


107. Avoid big blocks of text at all costs.

Spread your content out. This will make it easier to read, and maximize SEO. Big blocks of text will make your content boring.

108. Go from left to right

This is the way people are accustomed to reading. It’s more effective to have the sidebar on the left. However, some themes don’t allow for this. If this is the case with your site, don’t be too concerned. It’s one of many strategies.

109. Always put image to the right

The image in your blog post should be on the right, because people like to read from the left. This could make a significant difference.

110. Tell a story

People love to read stories. As you create your content, pretend you’re writing a short story that will be exciting, suspenseful and entertaining. Your readers will love it.

111. Write a series of articles

This is one of the very best strategies for promoting your content. It will make your content very unique. Write a series of 3 articles. Here’s what you do:

  • First Article: Describe something of interest.
  • Second Article: Write about the results you got.
  • Third Article: Show how this can work for your reader, ie, how he can implement this strategy.

112. Create sub headings like headlines

This is not as critical as headlines. It is, however, a very effective way to promote content. Most people won’t read your article, but they may scan your sub-headings. You may want to use the tool from CoSchedule for your sub headings. This is a little tedious, but can certainly pay off.

113. Use 3 basic types of headlines

There are 3 types of headlines that result in a better clickthrough rate, and get you more traffic:

  • List
  • How to
  • Question

114. 3 words or phrases that convert very well

Here are 3 words and/or phrases that convert web surfers into loyal followers:

  • MISTAKES No one likes to make mistakes. That’s why they’ll read your content.
  • SHOCKING Sometimes people have to be persuaded to break the monotony, and see something with a new perspective.
  • SAVE ME MONEY Everyone likes to save money. If you alert them that you’ll show them how, you’ll get more clicks.

115. Use “off the wall” numbers in lists

When preparing articles, for example, on the “17 ways to lose weight” or the “23 foods you should avoid”, always use an “off the wall number”, instead of the standards. By standards, I mean, 10, 20, 25, etc. Use numbers like, 21, 37, 46, etc. Off the wall numbers get people’s attention, convert well, and make a tremendous difference in getting shares and visitors.

116. Present people with a challenge

People love to be challenged, and shown firsthand that your content relates to them, in a positive way. At the end of your article, ask your readers to so something unique, and then submit a comment on the results.

For example, assume you want to create content on email marketing. Ask your readers to send 3 emails to someone they don’t know, during the next 5 days. Also ask them to persuade others to contact them by email by showing their email addresses in a comment. You may see over 200 comments the first day.

117. Hook your readers at the very beginning

Put your “Conclusion” at the beginning of the article.

This is very powerful. People don’t like to read articles, but love to read headlines. If a headline is about “How to do something”, for example, don’t leave people in suspense. Give it to them right away. They’ll love you for it. Nothing is more frustrating to a reader than wanting to know how to do something, seeing it in the headline, but not finding the answer in the article.


118. Create a PDF file for your content

122-ways-to-promote-the-right-contentBy the way, if you would like an e-book of this article, and all of my other free e-books, click on the image to the right. Include these in your e-book library, because you will be referring to them again and again.

In each article, include a call to action asking people to download it as a free e-book. Include some extras, like additional subscription forms, links to other posts, links to significant pages and links to other websites you might own. You’ll get many responses, and will build your email list much faster. It’s also a great way to make your content more “shareable”.

Another thing that makes this strategy so powerful is the ability to kill two birds with one stone. You can generate traffic to two websites at the same time.

This is how you can build an online empire.

How to promote content with MultiMedia for more website traffic

119. Create a video for each piece of content

People won’t read content, but they will watch videos. Create a video for every piece of content you create, if feasible, and upload it to YouTube. This will give you another source of traffic, and an excellent one at that.

Include the video in the PDF file described in the previous section.

BY THE WAY, subscribers to will get a free copy of my ebook, Don’t go for Broke, which shows 50 plus ways to make money when you’re broke. In this ebook, I show how to create a video, and the free tools needed to do this.

120. Start your own podcast

Podcasts are becoming very popular. They give you the opportunity to reach millions of people.

Creating a podcast is relatively easy. All you need is a computer and audio software. The one I prefer is Audacity, and it’s free. I like it because you can include both voice and music at the same time, and adjust the volume for each.

If you want to know more about how to create a podcast, I recommend going to WikiHow or Shopify. These are the simplest guides on the internet.

You may just want to create a podcast for your best content.

Include all of your podcasts in the PDF file described in a previous section.

121. Create slides of your content

All you need is presentation software, such as Powerpoint. There’s also OpenOffice, which you can download free.

Once you create a slide, upload it to SlideShare and authorSTREAM.

Slides are very effective and will get you a huge amount of traffic is your content is really good.

Never Shortcut Your Content, or your website traffic may be shortcutted

122. Take all the time you need to create content

I’ve saved this until now, because this is by far the most important thing you will do to promote your content.

As you research the best topics for your content, you will have a very good idea of what you want to create.

All that’s remaining is for you to sit down and do it. But remember, this is your content, your life blood, your livelihood. Don’t expect to sit down and create winning content in an hour. Your content is only as good as the effort you put into it.

I’ve taken as long as a week to create good content. Is it worth the time? You bet it is!

I’m determined to create the best possible content I can. If I can’t, I’ll darned near die trying.

Winning content will not only get you website traffic when you start promoting it. If it’s the right content, you’ll see massive traffic for at least a year or two.

This is the secret that few successful bloggers will share. There are millionaires out there who update their websites once a month. Some only update once every 3 months. The winning content they’ve created and promoted is still getting enormous traffic.

So, I ask again, is it worth the time you put into it.

You’d better believe it!


Wow! This has been one heck of a task, writing this article. It took me six days write.

But if it helps you become a success, was it worth it to me.

YES IT WAS! It was worth every intense hour I put into this. And I have put my entire heart and soul into this article.

If you liked this article, share it with your friends on Social Media. Download the free 81 page PDF file.

Write me a comment. If you liked what you’ve just read, let me know. But more important, let me know how I can help you with building your website and your business.

That’s why I’m here, and I mean what I say.

Did you enjoy this article?

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