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How Whining, Bitching and Complaining can make you money

whiningBeing around someone who is constantly whining, bitching and complaining can be very annoying. You just want to tell this person, “PLEASE, JUST SHUT THE  F#@%  UP !” But hold on! Before you say something you may regret later, you need to know the person who is whining, and the reason.

4 types of whining, bitching and complaining

Being a constant complainer can be good or bad. It depends on the person doing it, the reason, and the intentions. Here are the four types of people who whine, bitch and complain.

    • Those who are miserable about their own lives, and take out their frustrations by bitching to anyone who will take the time to listen to them. These people know they are losers. They can’t find good in any situation. Hell, even a broken watch is right twice a day.


    • People who are not happy with what’s going on, but have no intention of doing something about it and making things better. These people are lazy, and want others to do the hard work and make things better.
    • Those who have made a mess of their lives, and bitch to others because they want their lives to be just as screwed up. Misery loves company.


    • Finally, there are the people who whine, bitch and complain, but with good reason and good intentions. They don’t like the way something is. They whine about it. Then, they do something about it to make it better. Deep down, these people don’t like whining. They change the situation. The result is, no more whining. These are the people who are on the way to success.


Whine – Change for the better – Make money

Forget the first three people who whine. They are not even worth mentioning. The fourth guy who whines is serious about building a successful business and making money. He whines because something is not right. But he’s not going to be whining for long, because he has every intention of making it right.

Whining means there is a problem. Business means solving a problem.

If you own a business, you’d better have a lot of passion about what you’re doing. Otherwise, your business is going nowhere. If you’re not a whiner, you don’t have enough passion to make your business successful.

When you whine, you know there’s a problem. GOOD! Isn’t that what business is all about, solving problems for your customers? Now, do four things.

  • First, solve the problem.
  • Second, do it in a way that will benefit your customers.
  • Third, increase your sales.
  • Finally, make money.

Why whining is a good thing

Whining, in this context, means you care, and are willing to do something about the problem. You have passion. Never kick yourself in the butt for being a whiner. If you don’t whine, you’re going nowhere. This brings me to another type of person.

There is the person who never whines, bitches or complains. The reason is, this person simply doesn’t care about himself or anything around him. No passion! No incentive! No heart! This is your real loser.

Never be ashamed of whining. You’re a winner.

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