12 reasons why Clickbank sucks

people-who-dont-talk-are-successfulClickbank – All based on HYPE

You probably know that Clickbank is an online marketing company that sells downloadable digital products. It’s a connection between the creator of the products (vendors) and the affiliate marketers. That’s enough of the refresher. Now I’m going to tell you something you don’t know.

I’ll get right to the point. You’re not going to make any money with Clickbank. Selling Clickbank Products is like trying to sell a house to someone who has never gone inside it, or a car to someone who has never driven it. People who claim to have made money with Clickbank like to talk about what they have not been able to accomplish. For example, a guy creates a product on how to make a million dollars online, and tells you how he did it. If he really made a million dollars, why would he even bother with Clickbank?

Two kinds of people who deal with Clickbank

Clickbank provides services for vendors and affiliates. Vendors create products and sometimes sell them. Affiliates buy them, test them, review them, market them, sell them and finally earn a commission. But do the affiliates really buy, test and review? No! They take the easy way out and just market and try to sell. So right off the bat, you should be getting the impression that Clickbank is not only a scam. It promotes other scams.

12 reasons why Clickbank sucks

1) They don’t pay. If you’re an affiliate, and you sell their products, you’ve earned a commission. Earning it and receiving it are two different things entirely. Don’t hold your breath waiting for a payment. It will not happen unless you do something about it. You’ll have to contact them more than once to get your money. This could be three or four times. And even then, you’re not going to get your money unless you threaten to sue them.

2) They don’t refund. If you’re just a buyer of one of their products, and you are not happy, they claim to provide a refund within sixty days. Just like the commission payments due the affiliate, an unsatisfied customer has to go through the same frustrating process before receiving a refund.

3) They’ll shortchange you on commissions. Affiliates are attracted to promoting Clickbank products because they claim to average commissions of about fifty percent. Some claim to be as high as seventy five percent. After Clickbank adds their various fees, you will find out that you have not earned as much as you thought. When deciding to promote a Clickbank product, the commission looks good. Sell it, earn the commission, and it doesn’t look so good.

4) Their products are junk. I’ve purchased many Clickbank products over the last five years. Not one has lived up to its claims. Two products that I purchased for $47 are now listed at $17. I even had re-sell rights for one. I listed it on Ebay for $2 dollars and still couldn’t sell it.

What does this tell you? Many people who give an HONEST review of a Clickbank product will say, “This is just another Clickbank product that has bitten the dust.” The products have a very bad reputation among the customers, the very people affiliates are trying to convince to buy the products. The last time I tried to promote a Clickbank product, here’s a reply I received. This will show you what people really think the Company and their products.


5) Most creators of Clickbank products are shysters. Anyone can create a Clickbank product, on any subject. Just pick one, research it on Google or Yahoo, copy and paste what you read, re-create it with a article spinner and compile it into an ebook. To make your product look better, you can hit the printscreen key, create an image and link it to a website. Some even compile this into a video, thinking this will help the product sell better, and make it more attractive to the public.

Unfortunately for these shysters, the public is much smarter than they think. A Clickbank product claims it will help someone solve a problem, based on proven methods. This means, the creator had to test it, and experience good results with the product before selling it to the public. If a scammer creates a product like, How to Make Money with Fiverr.com, How to Lose 30 Pounds in Two Weeks, or How to Get Your Lover Back, will it work? Probably not, but no one knows, not even the creator of the product. Scammers deceive people this way because they think this is their chance to generate some fast bucks – A Cash Cow.

6) Most of the money making products are about making money with Clickbank. This should be illegal. Most of the products in the E-BUSINESS & E-MARKETING category of Clickbank are about making money as an affiliate on Clickbank. This is not original or unique. It is also very tacky, and shows incredibly bad taste. I can’t understand why Clickbank would even allow this.

7) People don’t know what they’re buying. Forget about buying Clickbank products. You don’t know what you’re getting until you get it. Then, when you get it, it’s not going to be what you thought it would be. Also, forget about promoting Clickbank products. You’re not going to make any money at it. People who say you’ll make money at it are trying to hustle you, because they couldn’t cut it as an affiliate.

You can’t sell an INTANGIBLE PRODUCT ON THE INTERNET. At least if you promote a product like what you see below, people know what they’re going to get before they get it.

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8) Clickbank product reviews are fake and phony. When someone posts a product review on a website, they were supposed to have purchased the product, reviewed it and tried it out. Over the last five years, I’ve only created one Clickbank product. One was enough. What I had to go through to create it and set it up on Clickbank was a nightmare.

About a week after Clickbank approved the product, I ran a Google search, and found over a hundred reviews for my product. But where were the sales? Uh oh! There were none. Some of these reviews were from people who claimed to have purchased and used the product. Others just copied and pasted from my sales page, and posted MY content to their websites. They didn’t ask my permission. They just did it. They didn’t even use an article spinner. This is not only a violation of Google’s policy on original content. This is plagiarism, and should be punishable by imprisonment. But I’m not going to press charges, because at heart, I’m basically a nice guy.

9) Clickbank will HIJACK your commission. When your product is approved by Clickbank, they provide a code that you’re required to insert into your sales page. This links the customer to the payment page. At the bottom of this page is your Clickbank user name, which assures you that you get credit for the sale. Many Clickbank vendors try to sell the product themselves, in addition to getting affiliates to sell it. In this case, they get the full price, instead of paying out a commission.

Several months after my product was approved, I noticed that the user name at the bottom of the payment page was not mine. Others could have sold the product from the direct link, instead of the affiliate link, and I wouldn’t have earned a cent. Someone could have made money from my work. According to Clickbank, this did not happen. At least, this is what I was told. If the product reviews were accurate, Clickbank is lying out of their you know what! If Clickbank is telling the truth, there are some shady affiliates out there. The questions are, Who’s lying? and Who’s telling the truth? Could this be an inside operation, engineered by the masters themselves, Clickbank?

10) No one respects Clickbank. If you mention Clickbank to anyone in internet marketing, the look on their face looks as if they’ve just walked into a filthy public restroom. The reaction is negative. One of the most respected websites is Wikipedia. If you go to their home page, and search for Clickbank, you will see the following disclaimer.


11) Creators of products are filled with HYPE. Many Clickbank products are promoted by people who are well-know in internet marketing. These people love to tell you how great they are, and how much money they’ve made. Think about this. If you made millions of dollars on the internet, would you broadcast it to the world? Of course you wouldn’t. Think about these two questions. First, if you were able to generate over a million dollars a year, would you create a product showing everyone how you did it? Second, would you need to sell a product for money if you were making over a million dollars a year? I don’t know about you, by my answer to both questions is NO, but HELL NO! If these gurus have to earn money by selling a product showing how they made money, chances are they didn’t make the money they claimed to have made.

Many people on the internet give advice on money, and making money, and that’s fine. It’s even in good taste to share some personal experiences and some money making ideas that have worked for them. My good friend, Charlie, gives you advice on money matters all the time, based on the personal experiences he has had. He has never claimed to be a millionaire. He’s never claimed to be anything but what he is. But when these gurus start bragging about the millions they’ve made, and try to convince you that they’re the greatest thing since sliced bread, there’s something suspicious going on. This is nothing but hype, and that’s all you see with Clickbank.

12) Too many people are promoting on Clickbank. By this time, I should have convinced you that you’re not going to make any money with Clickbank. Too many people are trying to promote something that people don’t understand, know about, want, respect, and finally don’t care about. Clickbank products are NOTHING. The people promoting their products are trying to convince people that this is exactly what they want – NOTHING. Wow, this is the ultimate paradox – to make people feel good about wanting NOTHING. This is hard enough to do if only three people are promoting their products. Just think of how much more difficult it is with millions promoting them.

Clickbank products are those fly-by-night items that people come across by accident. People were not looking for them in the first place. Do you think they’re going to do back flips when they discover them. Again, my answer is, NO, but HELL NO! Video Games are the hottest items on the planet right now. If you are looking for the two hottest Video Games below, you know where to find them, right? Sure you do. You know what you want, where to go, and you go right to them. But if you’re looking for a way to make money online, are you going to Clickbank and look for Google Sniper, Take Surveys for Cash, or The CB Passive Income? Once again, my answer is the same as above.

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Reason Number 13 why Clickbank Sucks

I’m not superstitious. The number, 13, does not bother me. Some of my best days have been on a Friday the 13th. But the number, 13, may not be as lucky for Clickbank.

It’s my opinion that Clickbank is allowing some very suspicious operations within their organization. By organization, I mean their products, their vendors and their affiliates. I don’t want to believe that Clickbank is doing anything suspicious, but I have my doubts. I have seen too many questionable tactics recently.

To become a vendor, your product has to go through their screening process for approval. The one product I created was approved, with no questions asked. A Clickbank representative once told me, “Write an ebook, and if it’s fairly good, we’ll approve it with no problem. We want your business.”

Clickbank should tighten their policy on what they approve. Most of their products are junk. But if they did this, they’d probably have very few products to sell.

To become an affiliate for Clickbank, all you have to do is apply online, and you are good to go in five minutes. Don’t misunderstand me. I’m sure that many of their affiliates are honest and reputable. On the other hand, many of them are nothing but riff raff.

Most of the exceptional affiliate programs out there, such as, Home Depot, Weight Watchers, and Toys R Us are very fine programs, but are also difficult to get into. The better programs are harder to join. There is an exception to this rule. The greatest affiliate program on the planet will approve you immediately. This is Amazon. But I’m not going to compare Amazon with Clickbank. This is like comparing a rib eye steak with a slice of three month old bologna. There is no comparison.

All I’m suggesting is that Clickbank tighten their policy on allowing affiliates into their program. But they’ll never do this. The more affiliates they have promoting their products, the more publicity they get. But is this good publicity?

I don’t think so.

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