9 ways to make a fortune selling products online


When you sell online, your goal is to make the lives of your customers better than before they purchased your product. Your product(s) can be tangible, something people can feel and touch. They can also be intangible, something people can’t touch, but will make them better than they were before. This is a service.

Whether physical or not, tangible or not, they’re all products.

The number one reason for selling products is to solve a problem for the person buying from you. With this being said, there are actually ten ways to make a fortune selling products. You have just been introduced to the first, and most important way. Try to make your customer’s life better than it was before.

But don’t forget There are nine more.

9 ways to make a fortune selling products online

Follow these nine rules religiously. If you do so, you will be very successful. There is no way you’re going to fail.

1. Treat this like a business, not a hobby

selling-products-onlineOK! So you’ve created your website! Well done. Now, forget it and move on. You’re not going to make money by creating a good website, but you will if you can do something with that website.

Don’t fall into the trap that many new, aspiring online marketers fall into. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then let me give you an example.

Creating a website is a good feeling. It’s an accomplishment that many new comers are very proud of. But don’t be too proud, because it could be fatal. You may ask yourself certain questions:

  • It my layout OK?
  • Did I create my contact form right?
  • Am I using the right Facebook, Twitter, etc, icon images?
  • Does my color scheme look good?

The list of questions goes on and on. Face it. No matter how perfect you create your website, it will never be perfect enough for you. There’s always the temptation to constantly change the styles over and over again.

DON”T DO THIS. If you get so hung up on creating the perfect website, forget it. It’s not going to happen, because there will always be something you’re not happy with. If you keep configuring, and re-configuring, you’ll never sell products. You’ll be too busy making changes all the time. Any changes you make will NOT make you a dime more.

Get your website created, and forget it. Then, start marketing products, and making money.

2. Get the products and the content listed on your site

People don’t want to see pretty websites with nice images. They want to see stuff that’s going to improve their lives.

Websites are all about content. Good, useful, interesting content gets people to your website. Good products get them to take action. When people take action, the results are obvious – YOU MAKE MONEY.

Once you get your website created, get the content on there immediately. Don’t beat around the bush. Next, get the products on your site, immediately. If you don’t you’re not going to sell.

3. Treat all of your customers equally important

For years, I owned my own CPA practice. I had over a thousand clients who paid me a monthly fee to perform accounting services for them. My practice was very successful. As a result, I was able to purchase two homes over the years. What follows is the secret to my success.

Some of my clients were very small, and paid me as little as $50 each month for services. There were also some large companies that paid me as much as $750 a month to perform services. Those small clients received the same quality services as the large companies. In fact, most of those small clients stayed with me for about twenty years.

It doesn’t matter how much, or how little a customer spends. All customers are important. Always appreciate a customer’s business, and let them know it. You never know what the future holds. Often times, a small customer today will become a big customer a month later.

4. Don’t worry about creating a product

internet-millionaires-secret-formulaIf you get yourself so hung up on selling the right product, you’ll never get anywhere. There are many new comers out there who use this as an excuse to procrastinate. This is because they’re lacking self-confidence, or, they’re psychologically afraid of success. So now, hopefully, I have taken away this excuse. Now, you’re ready to move forward.

There are tons and tons of products out there, and people begging you to sell their products. There are suppliers that will dropship products for you. If you don’t believe this, take a good look at Wholesalecentral and Independent Retailer.

There are also tons of affiliates who are begging you to sell their products for a commission. Every big company has an affiliate program – Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Macy’s, etc. Who wouldn’t buy from these companies? And don’t forget the grand champion of all affiliate programs, Amazon.

It will cost you nothing to start listing and selling products on your website. The products are out there. There are hundreds of thousands of products that you can sell. Or course, it’s always good to have your own product, but until you do, don’t leave money on the table.

5. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Do you ever watch Shark Tank? I watch it all the time, but mainly to learn all I can from some of the most brilliant business minds on the planet, like Mark CubanLori Greiner. I sure don’t watch it to see the people who ask the sharks for money. In my eyes, these people have missed the boat somewhere along the way. They come to the sharks with some great invention that is going to change the world. What they don’t realize is, if their project fails, they’re screwed.

Many new comers make this same mistake. They think that one product is going to make them rich. Unless they can come up with a truly exceptional product like Bill Gates did, which is unlikely, this is not going to happen. With this frame of mind, you are doomed from the start. You’re only telling one small percentage of the world population that you are interested in doing business with them.

6. Diversify

diversifySuccessful people, and self-made millionaires got where they are because they have one interest only – EVERYTHING.

When you sell products online, you can’t market with the idea that you’re only going after some of the people. You have to go after ALL OF THE PEOPLE. That’s why Wal-Mart is so successful. If a person is breathing, he or she is a potential Wal-Mart Customer.

Perhaps you’re an expert on women’s cosmetics. Perhaps you’re a scratch golfer. That’s fine, If it’s cosmetics, you may want to take advantage of your passion by selling cosmetics online. An avid golfer may want to sell golf equipment. But the truth is, half of the world’s population is not interested in either niche.

It’s fine to enter these niches. But to make the kind of money I know you want to make, you must get into several niches. Once you establish yourself, this becomes easier to do. The bottom line is – DIVERSIFY. Spread out. Don’t market products for some people. Market products for all people.

7. Make it easy for your customers

When you post content and list products on your website, make it user friendly to your visitors.

People who like to visit websites for useful information will be returning visitors if the information is presented right in front of their eyes. Otherwise, they’re not going to search for something they don’t know exists until they see it.

Likewise, any call to action, such as selling products, must be posted with a simple point and click. Have the product listing right there for them to see, and allow them to make their purchases with a simple click. Otherwise, people are not going to search for products. Instead, they’re likely to go elsewhere.

Don’t risk losing one inquiry or sale. Have the information right there before your visitors, and make it as easy as possible for them to answer your call to action.

8. Make you website irresistible

If people like what they see on your website, chances are very good they will click and buy. Again, you want every visitor to like what they see on your website.

Some people who teach marketing discourage selling different kinds of products one one website. The argument is, unless you’re a Wal-Mart or an Amazon, you won’t be able to pull it off. They are more in favor of targeting one particular niche on a website.

I’ve never agreed with this logic. If you know what you’re doing, you can create a very successful website, and make a fortune selling products in several different departments. Furthermore, this is what people like to see.

Many people who surf the internet want to buy certain things, but are not necessarily browsing for that reason. On the other hand, during the shopping season, people are surfing, looking for something to buy, but they don’t know exactly what they are looking for. For this reason, a website selling a large number of products in various departments can be very successful. You don’t have to be a Wal-Mart or Amazon to pull this off. There are many websites out there, and successful I might add, that have done this.

The more choices you give your visitors, and the more you have to offer them, the more inviting your website will be. And once again, the results are obvious – THE MORE MONEY YOU’LL MAKE.

9. Find knowledgeable people who can help you

No one knows everything. I don’t know everything. It doesn’t matter to me whether or not I know everything. What does matter is, I want to know where to find the answer to something I don’t know.

Someone who’s successful is probably the first one to tell you he doesn’t know something. But you can be sure he knows where to find the answer.


Surround yourself with the most knowledgeable people. Let me give you a real-life example.

One of my favorite entrepreneurs of all time is the late Don Aronow. Years ago, Mr. Aronow made a fortune in real estate in New Jersey. Then, he decided to go into a new business. He was interested in speed boats, and moved to Miami. While living in Miami, he became the most successful person ever to get into the boat business. The irony is, he knew nothing about boats, or the boat business when he started. Mr. Aranow went out and recruited the best, and the most knowledgeable people in the business. I guess you can say, the rest is history.

If you are all set to market your products, your next task is to get people to your website. This may sound repetitious, but I’m going to say something that you’ve probably heard over and over again.

You can have the best website, but if you have no visitors, it’s not going to do you one bit of good.

If you’ve struggled to get traffic to your website, and have not succeeded, there’s a reason. You don’t know how to get the traffic you want. I assure you, there are people out there who DO know how to get traffic. Find them, and put them to work for you.

There are many companies that specialize in marketing products. Some are expensive, and some are reasonable. You may have to spend a little money, but if you let this discourage you, you shouldn’t be in business. The small price you pay to have knowledgeable people work for you will more than pay for itself in a very short time.

Some of these marketing companies are good, and some are not so good. In fact, some of them are scam artists. When you look for knowledgeable people, it’s very important that you do your research and due diligence.

Don’t ever be afraid to get help from someone who knows something you don’t know. It may make all the difference in the world in your business.

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