Blog like a crazy SOB and become a multi-millionaire

There are many ways to make money online, but there is one that is the best, and, the most unique. Blogging is the only thing that can make you an online multi-millionaire. Here’s why it’s so unique.


5 ways to make money online

It’s time to get down to serious business. Read what I am about to tell you very carefully. Take it seriously, because this will make a difference in your future.

I once said there are five ways to make money online. If you missed these, here they are again:

  • Selling Physical Products
  • Selling Digital Products
  • Selling a Service
  • Selling Other People’s Products or Services
  • Selling Advertising Space

I’ve been in this business a long time, and I know that these things don’t work, by themselves. There’s nothing unique about any of this stuff. Everybody and his brother are doing it. Where does that leave you? Hanging out to dry.

So for now, put these on the back burner. Forget about making money online for the time being. There’s no magic bullet or secret on how the guru’s do it. They didn’t do it. They’d rather sell you something, and could care less if it works for you or not. So, don’t let them Bull Shit you.

Get your blog going strong, and then go back to the 5 ways. If you do this, you won’t need help from anyone, including the guru’s.

Blogging – the only path to success

Blogging is the ONLY online action that can change you from being broke, to a multi-millionaire. Why? Because your blog belongs to you. It is unique. There’s not another one like it in the world. If you don’t believe me, check out the stories of the people I’m about to introduce you to.

There are several multi-millionaire bloggers out there. Here’s a few:

Take the time to read their fascinating stories. Just click on the links, and you will learn how each got started. There are more. Run a Google search on “Millionaire Bloggers”, and you’ll see that the list is endless.

Suppose I told you that 99 percent of these people started on a free blogging platform like Google Blogger. Some of them were banned from the free services for being out spoken, arguing with people, and writing content that the free platforms didn’t approve of. When they created their own blogs, with their own domains, people loved that same content that was banned.

Suppose I also told you that none of these people intended to make a dime from blogging. If they had, they wouldn’t have achieved what they did.

Finally, supposed I told you that these people are each worth in excess of 30 million. Yes, this is true. Now read on, and you will see how they got there.

Why Blogging?

What’s so unique about selling Clickbank products? Nothing! Ask the million people who are trying to do it. I’m not discouraging you from doing this. Just don’t center you whole business, and your whole life around this, because you’ll starve.


Blogging is YOU. This is your product, and no one else’s. That’s what makes it unique, and unique stuff is what people like to see.

For example, don’t write a blog post entitled, “How to list Amazon products on your website”. This is stupid. Google this, and you’ll find thousands of articles about this. What’s so unique about this?

Instead, write a blog post entitled, “How my simple blog turned into a million dollar Amazon business”. People don’t want to know how to do something that everyone knows how to do. They’d rather know how you did something that no one else knows, and was very special. What you post must be something that people can learn about from you, and ONLY YOU. Another term for this is BRANDING YOURSELF.

So whats the secret to being a successful blogger? How did they do it?

Have passion for what you do. When you blog, love what you’re doing. If you do it for money, you won’t love it. People will sense this, and will not read your blog because there’s no passion, and no interest. Furthermore, you’ll never make any money. Businesses always have one or more slow seasons during the year. There is no slow season for blogging, as long as your passion is there. Businesses want to sell to you and make money. Bloggers want to help you, entertain you, and sometimes, piss you off. But the people who are pissed always come back for more.

Never be afraid of what you write. If you’re scared someone will sue you, don’t blog. You don’t have the balls. I’m going to put this to rest right now. No one can be sued for expressing an opinion. Many of the successful bloggers made millions from lashing out at people. Do you think they were worried about being sued. Certainly not. If you lash out at someone like Donald Trump, do you think he’s going to sue you? Certainly not. He has bigger fish to fry. When you see something in the news that makes you mad, express your feelings. These are your feelings. They are real, unique, and you are genuinely passionate about them.

Be yourself. This is not English 101, and you’re not going to be graded an A through F. Be natural. Write the way you talk. If you use slang words when talking, use them in your blog. If you curse when you talk, curse when you blog. Most people won’t care, but for the few who do, screw’em. They’ll still read your blog. If your grammar is bad, so what? Help, entertain, inspire, or even anger people, and they won’t even notice it.

Don’t chase some hot topic. This is short lived, and won’t work. Write about everything that turns you on, makes you tick, excites you, thrills you, pisses you off, etc. When you blog, there’s no limit to the content you can blog about.

Don’t plan on making money. None of the millionaire bloggers thought about making money when they started. If they had, they wouldn’t have gotten where they are. If you temporarily forget about money and let it go, it will come back and find you.

Take care of your blog, and your blog will take care of you.

Don’t spend any money. Blogging costs nothing. WordPress is free. Many blogging platforms are free. Don’t fall for the latest Clickbank crap on setting up your blog. Google it, or contact me and I’ll show you how to set up your blog in a few hours. I’m telling you how to do this right now, and you’re not going to pay me a cent.

Write every day. Become a writing machine. Don’t worry about your website looking perfect. If you do, you’ll never get anywhere. Worry more about posting, not good, but the best content on your website.

Finally, be the best blogger you can possibly be. Don’t try to be the best blogger, because you’ll put too much pressure on yourself. But being the best you can possibly be is something you can do. Then, in your eyes, you will be the best. And the people who read your blog will sense this.

Closing thoughts?

Remember what I said, “Take care of your blog, and your blog will take care of you.”

Making money online is the most amazing thing in the world. There’s nothing like having the financial freedom to do anything you want to do. The people who have achieved financial freedom online are the ones who did exactly what I’ve just told you.

Blogging is the only thing that will make you an online multi-millionaire. Forget that other stuff for the time being, because it won’t work by itself. But if you’re a successful blogger, then the other crap will fall into place.

Now, let’s get 2016 started in the right direction. Do it. Enjoy what you do, and you’ll be one of the bloggers on the list I gave you above.

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