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Customers spend money, more than you think. As an affiliate, use this to your advantage

Do customers spend money? Let’s consider this.

Some affiliate programs pay a commission rate as high as 50 to 75 percent. There are others, for products, that only pay a rate of about 8 percent. Is there any point in selling affiliate products? You know you’re not going to make any money unless your customers buy high price items, or, if you sell a lot of items at all prices. Don’t be misled by this misconception.

spend money

People will spend money on expensive items

Consider an affiliate program that pays a rate of 8 percent. You sell a $50 dollar product, and your commission is $4. For a $500 dollar product, you earn $40. Much better. But will customers buy expensive merchandise online?

Yes they will.

For example, the Nikon P900 Digital Camera shown above sells for almost $600 dollars, and has been one of the top selling products for the last two years.

So, whenever you’re deciding on what affiliate products to list on your website, don’t assume people won’t buy expensive products. People like to spend money, especially when they find exactly what they want.

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