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Find the most amazing content you’ve ever seen. It’s right before your eyes, and you didn’t even know it.

contentI love blogging, especially when I can find good content. It’s the most exciting business you can ever imagine. You learn new things every day from the content you can post. And there’s a ton of it that’s never been published, right in front of you. Get ready to have your mind blown, because I’m going to show you where you can get content like you’ve never seen it before.

Find killer content that’ll blow you and your readers away

Relying on your own thoughts and expertise is good, but occasionally goes dry. Getting content from other blogs is not bad, but much of the uniqueness and originality is gone. But there’s a place where the well will never run dry. This is where I get a lot of content for my sister website,


Find content that’ll make your blog the best, in 2 ways

First, you’re about to find content that’s the latest information people are dying to read about. Second, this content is unique, and has never been published on any blog.

Three places where I get a lot of content are: Yahoo News, Inside Edition and Google News. Here, you can find the top stories and topics without having to go to Google Trends, which is a little tedious and confusing. Pay close attention to Yahoo News and Google News. Here, you’ll find quality and up to date information for any niche.

credit repairI like to browse the articles to see if there’s a topic that would interest my readers. And there are many. But guess what. I don’t get the best content from the articles. I get it from the comments people submit. And there’s another important thing you must notice. If an article has a lot of comments, it’s hot, and people want to read about it.

Many of these comments are priceless. You’ll get a feel for these articles and topics that you’ll never get by reading the articles alone. And as you can imagine, many of these comments are filled with emotions.

Most of the comments are not written with the best grammar, so they have to be edited. But once you find something that will put killer content on your blog, edit it your way, add you own twists, and insert your own ideas. As you read these comments, you will get more and more and more good ideas. You’ll have some of the most original, unique and best content you’ve ever had in your life.

Concluding thoughts

People don’t want to see what’s in the news story. If they see it on Yahoo News, they’ll also see in on Google News, Inside Edition, and various other places. People rather see interpretations and opinions of the red hot topics that are blowing them away. That’s where you come it. Use these comments that people write. They are as unique as any content you can create. Use your own twists, edit them your way, get additional ideas from them, and you’ll have the best blog you can possibly have.

Use the techniques I showed you in the article on Building an Internet Dynasty, especially the ones with NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster and publicizing your posts on Social Media with JetPack. If you didn’t read this article, please read it now. These techniques will automatically blast your content all over the internet, while all you’ll do is create and publish your content on your website. The tools to make you successful have been laid right in front of you. Use them.

online dynasty

Remember, SEO is fine, but isn’t worth a nickel if your content is bad, and it’s not out there for the whole world to see. Do what I’ve told you above, and in 71 days, you will have an Alexa ranking below 1 million or less, meaning you’re the 1 millionth best website in the world, out of over 30 million. You’ll also be on page 1 of a Google search. Then, start monetizing your website, which I promise I’ll get into next, and you are in for a very bright future, My Friend.

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